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I hope you will join with interesting summary information having the name of this thread :) in your mind.

  • you can check meaning of rise/detor moving your mouse on top of it mark in fight. it needs some experience in positioning the cursor unfortunatelly
  • charm and automatas: charmed character uses automatas against your party. If you have weak resistance against charm the solution is to add as a 1st automata:
    Self: Any negative condition → Defend
    or shortly
    Self → Defend
  • some potions work outside of the battle. For example if you expect strong magic opponents you can cast Elemental Dust before start of the fight.
  • luck adds 10 levels to strength of the skill
  • Lucky7 Silence combined with other one gives 35% mana drain
  • you can use some curing herbs on the char who is not inflicted yet. it is possible to cure poison or silence before it do anything bad having initiative in mind. for example low agility guard can cure poison or higher agility musketeer can cure silence before any caster notice that it was inflicted on him (if nothing to cure char will use his Automatas).
  • most boss monsters are reborning in exactly 72hours
  • if you want a large team from the beginning without any recycle you can create a poor leader (from any unneeded medal) with Cha = 10 and Agi, Res, Int, Wis = 1 and keep him dead all the time. That way you have 6 party without any penalties and additional space for equipment :).
  • some monsters have ability to attack everyone in the team… it is recomended to put higher retaliating/armor/damaga dealing characters to the left of front row in your party (f.e. guard in agressive stance).
  • leader before 1st recycle/max level 160 gives about 20% negative bonus to the team with attribute equal to 1. After 1st recycla it can go worse then 50% later in the game no matter if attribute is at 1 or 4. 33 points medal gives a possibility to use large party (6/7) if you know what you are doing.
  • most quests can be ended by switching to a party in the city and completing the quest using items from the vault or visiting quest giver. For example “Find innkeeper’s lost uncle”
  • it is easier to grind for money and level up using 1-2 char team near one of exits from the city (with proper simple automatas you can mostly press space without much thinking in the process). Important in Drebinheim as later in the game money and equipment are not such big problem.
  • you can level healer from available medal to get Soft and cure Petrification in the city for free.
  • if you need to move money between character you can try using Steal of a Thief in a Sewers L3 or other map with stealing creatures. You need high Agi/Str to block them from fleeing.
  • you can reorganize your team anytime… if someone heavy wounded you can move him to a back before rest.
  • it is possible to use automata out of fight. healer can “automatically” heal all party to 70% with Ally:HP Under 70%→Heal

Last but not least…

2 char L66 team to win with high probability with a green dragon:
2×30 point medals, 1 support, 1 spellcaster
Thief – 1,1,10,2,6,3
Healer(Leader) – 4,2,8,5,6,3

For the Thief you should train Lucky 7 to the level 40 (minimal level to fight with the dragon = 66/or 46 with huge amount of luck)
For the Healer: Cure, Regeneration
I had Heal L 40.

Thief: best inflicting equipment + lucky amuletes
Healer: best resisting equipment + lucky amuletes

in addition
Thief: alert dust, best mana potion
Healer: chirping herbs, best mana potion

Healer should have in automatas:
Ally: HP 10/30% → Heal
Ally: HP 50/70% → Regeneration
Ally: Asleep → Cure
Defend or Attack only if enemy Blinded or with No condition.

Thief should have:
Enemy: Any → Lucky 7
Self: Self → Defend

strategy = petrify the dragon.
With 10 tries you should have more then 50% winning ratio (6:0 for my test team with 3 superior mana potions). 1 mana potion = at least 10 tries

This is a solution off the shop. thief should have initiative higher then the dragon and healer lower = no crossbow/possible some dagger with +to initiative.

It can be bigger problem to train them and get to the dragon ;) than to win with him. I was training this team alone with sling +ice and 3x +15 elemental damage in Ruins L1 to L4 but fleeing many times from fear and elemental inflictors.

btw. you should be able to get past the Green Dragon with your main team before level 65 most of the time.

P.S. Important wiki links:

P.S.2 If you want to go for a no recycle end of a game competition I suggest to try dead leader 6 char team or 1,8,1,1,1,10 Leader (I was not trying but high CI seems most important factor, Agi 8 is a minimum to get decent CI at 600).

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Dwarven Mine Ghosts are a pain in the flank. They’re 100% immune to physical damage and so are impossible to hurt let alone kill with your party when you first encounter them, a lot of people recommend just running away.

But there are ways round this. Firstly there are many weapons and items which give you a small elemental damage bonus, along with several skills for some character classes which do much the same. All allow you to slowly chip away the ghosts until they’re gone.

Soldier – Slice (Poison)
Archer – Flaming Shot (Fire), Poison Tip (Poison)
Engineer – Tweak Weapon (Fire)
Bard – Ode to Magi (Ice)
Monk – Ki Charge (Light)
Healer – Heavenly Blessing (Light)
Not a clue about any of the token classes, never had any of those and likely never will….

Another way is Psych damage which although they’re not weak to it, will hurt them. So your Bards, Thieves and Musks can just shout them to death. Eventually.

The two easiest ways so far I’ve found of killing these ghosts though is firstly with the help of a Musketeer.
Both Slash and Perforate work well, and allow all your other classes to hurt the wretched things.
And second, with an Evoker and a pile of mana pots, but this leaves all your other guys sat on thier elbows waiting for something to do.

If you have a Healer in your party, the single best thing you can do with them is to unlock Regenerate Lv.50
Mana regeneration, and at a fairly decent rate enough for an Evoker to cast every turn and still gain mana is just the most useful time/effort saving thing I’ve found yet.
Say goodbye to carrying stocks of mana and life pots, and hello to piles of gold from selling said pots. Others may not agree, but I love this so much.

Found your way to the Snowy Peaks yet? If you have you can “power up” your physical hitters by hunting and killing as many Ninja Foxes as you have the patience for.
They drop the Weak Ring of Might as “common” loot, which gives you +70 damage and +2% critical when equipped, which makes a lot of difference. They even stack

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not common knowledge…

+elemental in weapon is stackable with +elemental from accessory.

+8 electric of Thunder short sword + +15 of Elemental ring x3 from the shop = not so bad elemental attack for a fighter.
(for better understanding, caster with Int 10 at level 65 has only 32 raw elemental power, at level 160 it is only 80. Defense for Int 3 at level 160 is 83)

I’m not sure how attack power is evaluated but Ode To Mage + Fireball is better than + Ice Shard. seems different base elemental is not overlapping somehow in the formula (probably it depends on accessories and level of skills).
Ode to Mage >L10 or Heavenly Blessing >L20 is an easy way to change the team to a light/ice attacking for situation like in Old Mine (if chars have Int/Wis low you need to pump these skills a little higher). These skills do not add to % attacks like Trebuchet.
But if you have team with low int/Wis it is better to try Musketeer trained for Perforate. Any medal will be good if correctly modified for the team (I was testing 4,10,2,1,4,4 dedicated for my agressive team but have been using once regular one with L5 Perforate). Perforate will be usefull not only for ghosts.
Ballad of Weakness is another helpfull skill in the Old Mine. I have very high inflict ratio for my Wis 8, BoW L30 Bard L120.

Fleeing (Decent Agi/int) is a key to many strategies.
It is most of the time better to go a level higher and run from the battle with harder monsters than fight a level with all monsters killable for the team.

Minimum attributes to get all bonuses:

Wis can be set to 3 for a char with only rises but Wis 5 gives possibility of using: Self: Empathic → Defend in Automatas.

spellcasters should have str 4 to have no penalties to criticals and fleeing.

btw… it is my guess.. I’m not sure about it:
Thief Backstab >L10 is lowering probability of Petrifying.
Resillence rises gives higher probability of petrification in Old Mines (it is my guess flying picks more offten tries to petrify)

Reflect (f.e. Sorcerer) is valuable in protecting against Petrification too

It is a little mess at the moment but if you find it usefull:
not all formulas are correct. for example criticals are incorrectly summed.

Funny Fact(s):

  • If you have someone with Int 10 in your party… you can bid reward for the sword in Rat stole the sword to 260gc and then keep it choosing 4th option… and…
    after getting 1st reward you can give it back to shopkeeper to get the reward (260gc) 2nd time.
  • You do not need to complete any of the quests to end episode 1. Only few minor armour in the shop requires completing rat in the basement quests but all important things will be available at start of Ruins L1. Episode 2 will be started as expected but of course you will be forced to do few quests in ep2 to get into ep3.
  • if you find a grandmaster first and ignore Gokoda quests you will have monastary closed even if grandmaster returns and quests you out of door with Finding Mederina mission. You need to fullfill 1st monastery quest to be able to go Volcano Grotto thougth.
  • Having at least Str 4, Agi 10 in your team gives you possibility to just skip Sewers and go to Ruins using maps and fleeing. In the Ruins you can start over having all possible equipment in the shop. Of course you need to win with Boss Mushroom 1st. Possible easiest way is to use Monk(~4,10,6,1,2,3)+Healer(~4,1,6,2,10,3+Healing Automatas) till Boss Mushroom and add Thief with remaining points in intelligence for near 100% fleeing. Only once I had to try to flee 2nd turn not loosing a single char. You need to get additional mana potion for the Monk to easily win with Boss Mushroom at his level 7 or 8 (I had level 8 winning few times with Lapias earlier but minimum level for the monk is 6 + 3 mana potions used on him by the Healer. Risky because of hit=heal so hits only on the monk without a parry = no time to replenish mana and higher level = more chance to flee with a success later).
  • petrifying a monaster do not count as kill. it is possible petrifing mini boss disable its visibility in a bestiary.
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Green Dragon tips:

  • best free support char for the fight with a dragon: Illusionist. With initiative > 0.6 he should be faster then a dragon and be able to put Hallucination, Silence, Fear, Sleep on him = much, much easier fight (I was able to go for a win with my test Agi 10/Res 1 team. with additional for example Archer/Poison Tip 1 point/~30% it can be pretty fast win).
  • this monster uses mostly physicall attacks (probably blunt and some elemental or other type when dispelling, it is possible to win using single 50 points ~L40 guard/9,9,10,1,1,1/ with ep2 anti-blunt equipment and countering helpers) so no need to use high elemental protection
  • it is better to fight with him using smaller teams (3-4 chars) because he is using less powerfull skills. for larger groups he is using acid cloud putting physicall vulnerability detoriation with it.
  • he can remove rises and sleep/silence chars
  • if you have large team (without strong attacker/%damage) you can think of changing it for sth more dedicated for example by creating temporary leader and grinding it fast to level 40 in ruins. Simple solution is: Bard from 30 points medal with 1,1,8,1,4,9 and Ode to Mage trained to level 30 (Ice is his weakness and is immune to light) and may be some points in Song of Healing. Most of the time fight with GD will take few turns and it is better to have higher leader protection then bonuses to attack.
  • GD can regenerate = you need to have someone who will remove regeneration for example Monk with Grab, Engineer with Catapult, Soldier with Crush or you need to silence/berserk or so the dragon… or you need to overuse his MP so he will have no MP for regeneration. most of the time putting high amount of detors on the dragon or forcing him to remove rises on the team = no MP for regen. paralyzing the dragon works well so for some team getting crossbow or some other paralyzing weapon is worth to try.
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Red Dragon tips:
not much to say.

  • he is not using dispell = lots of rises = win but it is necessery to protect the team against charm and poison.
  • before fight with him you can cast all possible type of elemental protection using char with highest Wis. This give you pretty nice elemental protection for few first turns.

After 1st recycle and completing Old Mines, Volcano Grotto he should not be a problem.
He uses elemental, regeneration, strong attacks and charm and poison and silence but with revive, healing in the team it is just a long fight.
using 2×150 elemental/fire protection in accessory it is possible to use 30 points dedicated (Snipe,Slit,Revive,magic protection) character (you can get ~L100 just going with him to the dragon) if you can get to the dragon with him (I was testing 30 points L120 Healer/1,1,6,7,6,6/ and additional Superior HP amulet).

Without any healing except potions he can be defeated but it can be hard or very hard.
I’ll test further chances to poison him or paralyze with a generic 50 points medal and suggested skills (he can be petrified but chances are low at least for a Thief Wis10 Lucky7 L60).

He is immune to fire but Ice is his weakness (light too) and poison can get him to his knees very fast.

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One of the easiest and cheapest 4 char starting team for beginners. Should work well till 1st recycle.
(Fight with a Green Dragon at theirs L61-62 28 turns without Snipe, no potions used. levels gained thanks to 5 metallic mushrooms killed in the ruins.)

4 char team (3×33 points starting medals and 1×30 points):

  • 1xGuard 33 points: 4,5,9,5,3,4 → Agressive Stance, electrifying sword later, plain sword till then (in the ruins he should have: Bracer of protection 0.1 Parry, Elemental Ring)
  • 1xMusketeer(Leader) 33 points: 6,6,6,5,3,5 → Eagle Eye, at least Cracked hand canon as fast as possible (I’ve got it in Woods L1 not getting “free” plain clothes, easiest way = create Guard and default engineer go out and get basic starter clothes, return recycle eng, create this team and go to the shop to sell crossbow from healer and buy chc. selling money goes to a person having the item = healer will have over 300gc) or other 2 hand with +fire (in the ruins: Escopette, gloves +0.1 initiative, Elemental Ring/he will be able to kill metallic mushroom with a 1 point Snipe in Ruins L1, snipe will also help fighting Green Dragon and all creatures with piercing weakness for example Admiral Eagle).
  • 1xHealer 33 points: 4,5,5,5,8,4 → Revive then Soft (in the ruins: resist charm shoes, luck amuletes, resist sleep and robe with +resist)
  • 1xGuard 30 points: 4,4,9,4,4,4 → Group Defense or Agressive Stance like the 1st one (no need to add him just after finding the medal, you can exp him with exp for completing some quests or in the Sewers or even Ruins L1 later. it can also be Barbarian→War Cry L5, Soldier→Crush, Thief, or front line Musketeer) (in the ruins: Bracer of protection, )

You can get additional “money” by creating Engineer at start and selling the crossbow or create 1 char and rest of the team after the game engine will get money for basic equipment of the 1st team (“naked” guard will be better front line then anything you can buy without starter kit and musket goes back just after firearm in his hands).

Automatas for the team:

  • Enemy: HP under 30% → Attack
  • Enemy: HP under 50% → Attack
  • Enemy: HP under 70% → Attack
  • Enemy: Any → Attack


  • Ally: HP under 10% → Heal
  • Ally: HP under 30% → Heal
  • Self: HP under 70% → Heal
  • Ally: HP under 70% → Heal
  • Enemy: HP under 30% → Attack


  • Ally: HP under 50% → Cover Ally
  • Enemy: HP under 30% → Attack
  • Enemy: HP under 50% → Attack
  • Enemy: HP under 70% → Attack
  • Enemy: Any → Attack

Use musketeer to attack strongest/best target and automatas for rest of the team or just spacebar after the target get 1st wounds.
But, if needed use Cover Ally/Heal/Disarm and so on by hand. For example attack venomous mushroom or healing mushroom when fighting boss mushroom.
if you are not used to try search for the monster few times before exploring next level.

When Guard gets Agressive Stanca add it to his Automatas.

You should buy only “best” equipment set or cheap one if some char needs it to have proper defense.
Keep in mind you will get sword for the guard, clothes for the healer from chests and 33 points guard and musketeer will go for elemental damage later using additional accessory from the shop.

It should work well with some minor changes in equipment till 1st recycle. No need to get more then 4 chars. If needed you can use elemental protection with ring of quickness for the priest so no attackers will loose a turn casting protection at the beginning.
(my tests show the only problem for this party are strong elemental attacks = few monsters in Ruins L4-L5 and few more in Snowy Peaks L3-L5, for truth… only bad luck can force them to flee or inexperience of the player. it is much, much easier when you know what each monster can do)

Automatas…. :) that is a wonder in this game… explore it possibilities… :)

P.S. After ep1 (and 10p in Cure/Restore) Healer should go for Heavenly Blessing L30 (it is must have if no barb in the team), Guard should have Fortify L30 and Agressive Stance till recycle, it depends what you’ve got from monsters but probably you can change only accessory and keep weapon and possible for example Follower’s Robe as clothes.

P.S.2 One of the most offensive team is sth like: Archer, Soldier, Illusionist(Sling,back,Bolster/Undermine)/8,8,5,1,2,4, but I am not sure if it is possible to get it up to a recycle without lots of fleeing.
Probably best starting AoE is sth like: Barbarian(Traps), Archer(Barrage), Bard(Song of Mana). If you are experienced player you can try them with 4/5,10,1,1,5/6,4 and leader with preferable 6,6,6 or at least 5,6,6. Checked… it is working :). Traps+Barrage+Song of Mana(5,5,5,2,8,5)+Illusionist(30p 4,10,2,1,4,4) gives really interesting ep1 with most fights ending in few turns and easy win with GD (traps, poison tip, rises OdE,SoH,SoM and hallucination, silence, fear) and nice enter to ep2 (this team was created after analyzis of monster drops in ep1/ep2 maps. /Sleeping last monster(s) to get HP/MP back is a way in this team. With dead leader and Agressive guard, Perforate Musk I was able to meet entrance to volcano core with them without recycle and mostly without fleeing@L130.).
Harder version is: Barbarian(Path of Destruction),Monk(Flying Kick),Healer for Revive and mana regen but they are much harder to exp and build from 33p medals.

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Dedicated characters mostly not usable in adventuring:

30 points

  • Thief banker (4,10,2,1,4,4)
    Skills: Stealth → 100
    Accessories for him (use as you wish and have, ring of shadow to lower possibility of stealing money from the thief): Lucky amulete, Ring of shadow, Ring of wizardry
    1. Self → Ambush
    2. Enemy: Any → Steal
    You should not use automata for Steal most of the time. Best place to use him: Sewers L2. Keep in mind Tax collectors still will be able to flee from the battle so if they get money kill them and steal at the same time. If you use 40 points or higher medal with Str 10 or someone else with Str,Agi@10 and high level to prevent fleeing it is possible to transfer money stealing back from monsters with Steal capability.
    Strategy for the fight with 4xTax Collector: get strong attackers with initiative > 0.6 but less then Thief in addition to characters with gold to transfer. Best if they can kill rat in 1 attack. Wait till rats steal gold then use Thief to steal it back and attackers to kill it. You can train Stealth and Steal to 30 points to get higher probability of success faster.
    You can use him to stockpile money fast in any grinding point (close to sanctuary or the city) 1st stealing cash then killing the monster.
    In that situation you can use:
  • Stockpiling Leader Thief (4,5,1,1,3,10). If you do not want possibility of 7 char grinding party and better gold ratio you can use Cha 9.
    Accessory: Amulet of life, Ring of shadow, Lucky amulete, Ring of wizardry
    This is a best way to stockpile money in 1 char in any grinding point using team .

Monsters to be used for money transfers:
Tax Collector (flees a lot), other rats pickpocket sometimes
cactis(pickpocket) Desert Stryker, Spiked Footman(sometimes)
Red Dragon
Grave Robbers (can confuse but are incredible good for transfers, stealing or fleeing but 30p with good team should suffice/best to use with sleepy bard and only 1 robber awaken for easy handling of confusion)

  • Poors’ AoE (great with Bard OtE in ep1 later only in some situations) can be used in adventuring Guard(4/5,9,6/7,1,1,4)
    Skills: Agressive Stance 1 point, whatever
    Accessories: Ring of nimblness, Bracers of protection, parrying spear, retailating shield
    With 30p medal he will have limited usability above being “AoE” because of lack of automatas.
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20 fights of a single char at exit ffrom the city will give you on average this amount of experience (I will create char for all maps using possible monster groups but unfortunatelly only ep1 have information about them in wiki. I will try to fill it with min/max/avrage for the map):

Outskirts L1:
Sewers L1:
Sewers L3:
Ruins L1:
Mountain Pass L1:
Mountain Pass L2:
Road to Paladia:
Prison L1:
Old Port L1:
Ocean L5:
Paladia L1:

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Blue Dragon tips:

  • do not use any rises (probably any protection will trigger dispelling)
  • use poison without it fight can be hard or very hard with the poison it is like instant kill/higher inflict better
  • he is quite strong but the only real problem is mass dispelling with fear
  • reflect is helpfull for his elemental attacks and if he silences itslef mana drain will help a lot.
  • I was using Lucky7 and Towering Presence with ~20% success.
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There is a pretty big wiki for this game which covers it close to comprehensively. Also unfortunately if you arent premium you wont be able to get any decent equipment at all in the 4th episode….