[Confrontation WCG] 03/18 Update Notes

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3/18 Update Notes

1) Confrontation Treasure
2 New Mythic Heroes and 3 New Legendary Units awaits for you to recruit!

2) The end of the Love
With next week’s update, the Valentines Rag’narok will be removed. So please make sure you reach your achievements before next weeks 3/25 update

3) Eater of Hope
A new Level 40 Rag’narok has been unleashed! So get ready your army and take down this devourer of hope!

4) New Rag’Narok Achievement
2 new achievements has been added.
Adept Hunter: Eater of Hope – Defeating the Eater of Hope while gaining a Silver medal will count towards this achievement
Master Hunter: Eater of Hope – Defeating the Eater of Hope while gaining a Gold medal will count towards this achievement

I’m sorry about the lack of Feedback / Limited rewards, I will make sure they come back with next week’s update.

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Hi everyone. I’m very very sorry for the delay.

Long story short, what happened is that there is still a problem with the Client and Server. Basically the update is on our Server with no problem, ie. new confrontation treasure cards etc.

However the data is NOT getting to the Client, ie, what you see on your computer screen.

So in other words, everyone will still see the same confrontation treasure cards just like last week, however if they do roll any of the new cards, the server will then GIVE you that new card.

At the moment we still cannot find out how to solve this problem… so for now I’m going to switch on the servers.

1) You will notice that the confrontation treasure cards are still the same with last weeks. so Please do not roll for it. However if you do roll it, you will still be able to get the new cards

2) No one will be able to summon the level 60 Rag yet, because it cannot be clicked on the ‘computer screen’

Even if we haven’t fixed the problem, I do not want to keep everyone waiting anymore longer. so I will have the servers go back on now, once we find the problem we will hotfix it, Hopefully within 24 hours fingers crossed

If you do roll any of the new cards and want last weeks one, I will hotfix a formula to exchange for this weeks cards for last weeks cards once we get back online.

I’m very sorry about this, I will compensate for this

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soo on the daily login it says today we get 20 gold and a token..
well i thank u for the gold but i didnt recieve any token.
please check this again

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Same here; did not receive token. Also, awaiting korgan loot table/achievement. And, perhaps a few more than 5 people could join the Eater of Hope raid, please; hard to fine these raids.
Thanks for help!

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Same here, no token