[City of Steam: Arkadia] Patch Notes of V2.4.2

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• Multi-dungeons now have their rewards displayed on the dungeon creation interface;
• Changed Heroic Challenge current rewards limit display to “available reward limit/max reward limit”
• Now Cargo Delivery interface has character company info displayed on tooltips;
• Changed color and position of system messages;
• Optimized in-game scene loading;
• Now Mods have chat tags in-game;
• Changed mob respawn time in some lvl 50-60 maps;

• Changed difficulty of some mobs in lvl 50-60 maps.


• Fixed a bug where the daily challenge limit display might be incorrect in Heroic Challenge room;
• Fixed a bug where the Tourney was announcement failed due to loading time-out;
• Fixed a bug where system message for Tourney might be wrong;
• Fixed a bug where Scribe’s Maze might end early;
• Fixed a bug where dropped equipment quantity might be incorrect when defeating Copperwaste bosses.