Bigger game chatrooms?

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Whether its Kongai, Zening or Dinowaurs, the best players automatically head to chatroom 1.

This means that the best on topic and interesting discussions take place in room 1 and everyone who wants to participate or just listen goes to room 1. The other rooms are dead, or have off-topic talk in them.

I believe bigger room 1 in mentioned games would enable more people to participate or just listen to on-topic discussions about these games, and thus, reinforce the community aspect. I would even go as far as having only one room.

I am aware there might be some reasons for Kongregate to make many small rooms:

1) Limits of technology: for this I have no counter argument.

2) Easier crowd control: here I have to counter: trolls often run havoc in these small rooms, because there isn´t enough mods for each room.

One big chatroom would have more trolls and troublemakers in it, but on the other hand, there could easily be 2-3 mods online each time, enforcing strict rules. (with help of very strict automated modding)

Another idea: If big chatroom is impossible, how about themed chatrooms?
3 card strategy talk
5 card strategy talk
friendly matches
balance talk
offtopic 1-10

strategy talk
friendly matches
balance talk
off topic 1-10

Army strategy talk
Hero strategy talk
Hero teams
Army teams
Friendly matches
vets helping newbies
balance talk
offtopic 1-5

I am sure others will come with other ideas for chatroom themes.

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I agree, once I was in Room 1 for a Zening server test and there was very interesting conservation! You are right, if your not in room one you are no-body. But you could still organize a chat with only your friends in like room 7 or something.

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I know.I end up in room 1 in Dinowars and Zening.

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NicolBolas that is a really good idea…