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Can you tell me? please so I can test it if it is true?

not sure which one it is?


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link error :P
hydro is the best IMO, that’s why they have taken it out. Here is a way to play a hydro on Kongregate, tried it myself and it worked.

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It’s gotta be psychological. Mainly because it looks awesome and I haven’t tried the other two classes.

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There’s only 3 and to test a class don’t you need to compare it against the others i.e. play them all.

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the biological is the best, cause you can do 25k of damage and crystallize an oponent, keeping him out of batkle

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Originally posted by mikestb:

the biological is the best, cause you can do 37k of damage and crystallize an oponent, keeping him out of batkle

QFT, though I corrected your damage. Bio also has a pretty easy Legend run once you know what you’re doing.

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Bio for sure.

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I’ve got a level 27 bio (assasin) lvl 25 hydro (cold) and 25 psychologic (electric)

Bio is the easiest to play, straight forward, and if you spec in defense, you can get near 25k HP and just buff your allies or yourself. Hydraulic… idk really, it can either be damage or defense, just not as effeciently as the bio class.

For me, psychologic is my favorite, 10k crits, shield+regen, and wraith form (400% speed and 20% damage increase)

It’s actually a personal choice, you just gotta figure out the right combos/strategies on your own, I suggest play each character thoroughly through the entire game, might take awhile but you get to know each character and succesfully waste your time.

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I played Bio pretty far in game (almost all the way through tunnels) and then i came back and found him gone, however i must say that i liked it, extremely straightforward, especially in the beginning. Psychological i never really cared for. Its just not my style. However, i must say that my Hydraulic is my favorite class. Being able to pull out a 7 turn rotation, with 4 of the 7 turns having the target stunned, then finishing it all with a huge shatter… i love it! Scorge is right though, its all your own choice, i just had more time to learn my Hydraulic and get a pretty good taste of my Bio.

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at least, i have my psychologic, healing 4k for turn, and dealing 4k for turn, with the epiphany, free will that protects me from everything and the psycopath form

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hmmm… thats a tricky question. first u need to answer these questions:

what is your strategy? are you aggresive or are you defensive?

how experienced are you? have you played RPGs (role playing games, turn based) before or are u a complete newbie to these types of games?

what difficulty are you on? are u playing on easy or is your time limited by the heroic gameplay?

lets settle ONE thing: ALL 3 classes can be developed to be very powerful (i’ve played all 3), and they’ve all got spectacular combos.
HOWEVER: you need to read the footnote on each class, cause they really are right. let me explain:

hydro specializes on the stable and is a tank even in the early stages of this game. hydro can recover health and focus easily and can also heal allies. there is a point where a chacter of this class is almost indestrutible, but its lacking a bit of attack, so matches can get really long (i had problems with the time bomb). dont get me wrong. moves like impair, demolish, wreck and decimate + the original slam deal good damage, but in order to develop this ability tree you must focus on strength, which makes you forget about instinct which you will need in order to cover for the ice tree, as well overlooking the third tree which is the recovery tree; the speciality of the hydro.
the ice tree is a tactical tree. it doesnt allow u to deal much damage, but it includes a better stunning move than the bio and better debuffs than either class, ranging from damage over time, speed, attack, and a move which limits the moves available to the enemy
hydraulic is great if u are defensive, patient and methodical. its a good choice if your rather experienced with turn based games, but you must choose your ability tree wisely; ice tree (tactical), recovery tree (tactical) or the pure attack tree (straightfoward). the attack tree does not combine with the ice tree, and sacrifices the recovery tree (therefore losing the hydros advantages as a defensive class and gaining advantages as an attack class)

Bio class specializes on speed. this class has got powerful one hit attacks, and it has also got a good poison tree. this class is rather universal, cause its easy to use. i say easy to use cause this class usually attacks first, can recover focus quickly and painlessly and can also recover health with the infamous withdrawal move, so even if your using very little strategy u can push this class very far, even on heroic. its universal because even in the early game u can cover health and focus regeneration, speed and one hit attacks. damage over time is best left to more advanced levels. just watch out for vitality. restarts with this class are quite common (for me they were, even though i had played this class like 5 times long ago)
bio is the best option for newcomers, and it is compatible with the fast and aggresive styled gameplayer. you must choose whether you want strength to specialize on direct and indirect damage (straightforward gameplay) or make the most of the bios ability tree by upgrading speed (tactical gameplay)

psycho is controversial. i used to think it was the weakest class but then i realized the true potential behind it. it is (in my experience) the most difficult class to use. let me explain: focus recovery is painful at the beginning, speed and vitality are always low so u can get killed even if u dont make mistakes, and health regeneration takes quite a lot of stat points in order to cover well for it. lots of people dont know how to make the best of the overdrive move (which damages you for 10% of your health each turn, but doubles damage over time and healing over time) and they get killed, so get ready to restart a lot with this class. you see why people don’t like this style?
however, when u know what u are doing, a healthy dose of luck can push you to the very top. with a good stunning move, the psycho is virtually undefeatable when fighting against 1 oponent, no matter how powerful. the two main ability trees (electrical {buffs/buff removers} and shadow {healing/damage over time/buffs}) require instinct, meaning that they can both be pushed to the limits and be used effectively, something that the other two classes cannot do. once u know what you are doing, you’ll realize that the psycho has a better defense than the bio and better attack than the hydro. it takes time to figure out exactly how powerful the attack combos are.
experienced RPG players and even experienced sony players may face difficulties using this class the first few times it takes time getting used to the only focus regeneration available to you at the start of the game.
psycho is a great choice for the most advanced players. it is the most tactical of classes. NEWBIES BEWARE. it is difficult to use, particularly in the early stages, but has arguably the best combos in the game once you start gaining levels. direct damage, damage over time and defensive moves are all instinct based. no sacrificial choices there, but dont ignore vitality and speed

which class is the best is not really a question that can be answered. the correct question is which class suits me best? thats something that is left to taste

PS: my favorite class is the psycho (on lvl 30 i can pull off a 30+k combo in about 8 turns, and that even includes defensive moves)

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I’d say the builds are generally more important than classes themselves. It is generally accepted that there are 6 main builds, and 1 accepted semi-build.

The semi-build is the brute biological, where you depend on leading strike, destroy, and predator mode for the most part, and strength stats for level up and equip. This class is really really powerful early on, averaging 285% strength damage per turn (400%+170%=570/2=285%) and it works like this after you max out integrity (which is KEY): Destroy, Leading Strike, Destroy, Leading Strike…. on and on to eternity. It will net you an average of 285% strength damage per turn, which is really good early on. With predator mode you can do destroy, insert other attack, destroy…. etc. as you regain 100 focus per turn with predator mode on, and thus, leading strike’s focus regen is unneccesary. The problem with this build is how it really doesn’t advance at all. Your two basic skills will always be leading strike and destroy,both of which cannot be leveled up. Thus, the only way to increase damage output is trhough buffs/debuffs, passives, and equips.

Onto the real builds:

Electric Psychological: This class is similar to the brute biological in that it starts doing a lot of damage really really early with shock therapy (by level 3, you can do 330% instinct damage with shock therapy), however, it also fizzles out fast. Shock therapy is always going to be the main attack. By level 14 you’ve reached the peak in terms of damage dealing (relative to other classes of course), as shock therapy, electrical storm, and charged blood should all have been maxed. The combo used is generally just shock therapyx3, then electrical storm, then shock therapyx3, etc. The reason why this is an actual build and brute bio kinda isn’t, is because it’s alot more versatile. SHock therapy removes buffs from the opponent, free will is an excellent defensive skill, and Tenacity is an excellent passive (maxed +60% health and +100% physical defense).

Shadow Psychological: This build could go a lot of ways due to the huge variety of moves to use. However, the accepted best damage and survival combos are these: For damage, overdrive+epiphany+dark infusion for huge dot damage, mostly from infusion. You can throw an implosion in there to increase the DOT damage to rediculous levels for one turn. Alternatively, you can go epiphany+corruption, as corruption does a lot of damage and is supposed to dispel a shadow debuff on the enemy, but epiphany cannot be dispelled, so epiphany+corruption spam is another good damage combo. For survival, once you’re down on health/lost a teammate or two, cast ultimatum, then free will. Free will will be strong enough to protect from the DOT from ultimatum as well as the damage from enemies (which is lowered by 95% so they can barely even scratch the free will shield). Cast free will every 5 turns, and for those 20 turns ultimatum is on, you will not die. you can also use the annhilator combo for an insta kill on any opponent, but that’s a bit complicated so I won’t divulge into details here.

Poison Biological: I’d say that in terms of DOT, this one-ups the shadow psychological. The primary damage skill is envenom, which does 10% strength direct damage, then 65% strength DOT for nine turns. Yes, nine turns, so that turns into a total damage of 595% strength damage over 9 turns (10+9x65=595). Not to mention that it stacks so you can get as many as 7 envenoms on the enemy at one time IIRC. Then infect during the cooldown will do 10% direct and 345% DOT the turn after. This class has some really powerful DOT skills. Add in toxicant form to make matters worse. However, psychological has a better passive (+60% health and +100% physical defense) and better defensive skills (free will and ultimatum). However, this class is the king of DOT.

Cold Hydraulic: This class is a tank. Like literally, if one plays this class well, unbeatable. It’s slow at dealing damage, but it’s almost impossible to kill. Here’s why: Glacier is easily spammable, does good damage, and has a stackable damage reduction debuff. Ice wall saves yourself or a teammate from dying with 75% damage reduction and a more than two and a half-fold healing received increase. Flash Freeze is a stun that never misses (literally, it cannot ever miss) and still hits for pretty good damage and can be equipped twice. Cold Neurology decreases damage taken by 20%, guardian form decreases damage received by another 30%. Basically, Cold Neuro+Guardian+glacier= you will be taking very little damage. Ice wall+cold neuro=you will be taking very little damage, ice wall+cold neuro+guardian=all enemy attacks will do 1 damage (over 100% damage reduction, so rounded up to 1 damage). However, it obviously takes a very long time to kill the enemy, shatter does decent damage, but not incredible considering it requires three debuffs to cancel out. This class takes patience, but basically will not die if played well.

Hot Hydraulic: The complete opposite of cold hydraulic (hence I told you, builds more important than classes). This calss is all about doing a hell of a lot of damage on every attack. Hot blooded is the most important passive, increasing strength (and thereby damage, both direct and DOT) by 50%. Though it costs 10 focus a turn, regulate cancels it out and gives you the next 11 turns to absolutely obliterate the enemy. Wreck and demolish both do excellent direct damage (320% strength damage, which with hot blooded equates to 480% strength damage) and wreck has a decent DOT which goes with lasting pain. Lasting pain is an excellent passive, increases dot damage by 120%, aka, makes it 2.2x stronger. Decimate is the really awesome skill here, 280% direct damage (420% counting hot blooded), and 45% strength damage DOT for 6 turns (which is 148.5% strength damage per turn counting lasting pain and hot blooded and a total DOT of 891% strength damage over the span of 6 turns). These numbers are really impressive. The direct damage numbers put both the electrical psychological and brute biological direct damage numbers to shame, and the DOT numbers, while not quite at shadow psycho or poison bio levels, are still damn good. Add in warm neurology and direct damage is off the charts since attacks scale with focus. This class isn’t the must survivable class, but it’s damage is incredible.

Speed Biological: Ah, the coveted Speed Biological, be all and end all of PvP, easy-mode for a legend run. This build is incredible quite simply. Crystallize offers all the defense you’ll ever need (4 turn stun), and a shadow blend powered slash or withdrawal does massive damage. It almost seems as if the path to corruptor was made easy for this class, as killing the two guaridans without getting wtfpwned by an electroshock is easy with crystallize and withdrawal combo. Killing Yosuke is similarly easy since huge direct, one turn damage from withdrawal will win get through his massive fire buff, and the corruptor…. well, he/she is easy for any sonny anyways, the guardians and yosuke are far harder. This class can’t put up huge DOT like poison or huge damage like hot hydro and doesn’t have the tanking ability of the cold hydro, but it’s got the best stunning ability in the game, and has the highest burst damage in the game (which proves key to killing the zone 7 baddies).

All are good. I think almost everybody would agree that overall the speed bio build is the best though. THe classes I enjoy playing most are cold and hot hydro though.

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To me, hydro is the best, `cause it’s the only class with which I ever defeated Warden on Heroic without training.

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iroald, a tip: use Traumatize as psycho and Break and Anesthetic as bio, whenever you have trouble. Note that Traumatize 2/2 can be placed twice, and has a cooldown of 5, so you can have up to 4 (reduced damage) consecutive rounds of free attacking. With Anesthetic level 1 is enough, and it reduces damage to sustainable levels. Make sure Veradux won’t run out of focus for heals, and when the Warden is down to the point of DS, go all in, you should prevail.

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Yeah as everyone has been saying it is up to you. I am doing Legend run with all 3 classes on Armour games, finished Bio and Hydraulic. I found Speed Bio quite hard but then again i have never completed the game with a Bio so i suck with it. Hydraulic for me was the easiest because it use them all the time. Only lost to 2 enemies which was captain Hunt and Guardians. Well i also lost to Colonel once because i was extremely unlucky and lost to Yosuke once before i knew how to defeat him. I have just defeated the Mayor with Psycho which was extremely easy up until the end of Zone 5. Struggled with City Council onwards losing 2-3 times on each battle. He just lacked survivability because once Vera gets on low hp enemies are dealing 1k each attack so about 3k per turn which is just too much for him. Still though i was quite good. For me my favourite is Cold Hydraulic, which i am making a cold hydraulic legend run guide on armour games. Although even at level 30 i can crit for only 3k damage with glacier. To defeat the bomb i just spammed glacier then hit shatter. Also i have always wondered if shatter does more damage depending on how many buggs you have on the enemy. Like 3 glaciers = 3k and 5 glaciers = 5k? Like chinoccrus said all the builds are very good and the game can be completed easily with each one but they all have their difficult zones. Bio is 1 and 2 untill you get crystalize. Hudraulic is 7 when you can’t really deal enough damage. Psycho so far has been zone 5 although i am dreading twin guardians and yosuke in z7 :S

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Ok, I have played bio and psycho to ZONE 7 so I know what I’m talking about. I’ve also played hydro, but only till zone 3..got bored.

Bio: Using corrosion, toxicant form, shadow blend, agile exposure, then withdrawal, it is possible to hit over 44k on a lvl 30 with the best gear. Your journey through the game is made easy with the help of disruption and crystalise, although bios don’t actually deal much damage except for the withdrawal combo. The poison build is beaten in every way by the speed build.

Psych: an ecletric physch can do continuous 6k critical hits at lvl 30 against an enemy of the same lvl using shock therapy. It’s actually more straightforward than a bio build.
-Shock therapy for attack
-electrical storm when you run low on focus
-Free will for defence
-coma if there are too many enemies to handle
-Wraith form for some bonus damage

The only good part about the shadow build is Epiphany, which deals 240% instinct over 7 turns. Combine the ecletric build with epiphany + over drive (you will need a lot of ability points) for a little more damage, and more healing too from free will and terrify (but you take damage if you don’t have free will or shadenfreude on).

Hydraulic: I played it for a while; a hot-blooded hydraulic’s damage dealing capabilities are a higher than a physch’s, BUT It’S TOO INACCURATE. To achieve high damage, speed has to be negated, which causes sonny to miss very often. It is rather fun to play though, with hot blooded and warm neurology, just seeing massive numbers pop up
An ice-based hydraulic on the other hand is quite powerful, it deals less damge but is much more solid. It has abilities which can support your teammates, or weaken your enemies.

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Spec 1/4 of your level-up attribute points into speed for hot hydro. Once you get death sentence from mayor, you can re-spec and put all points into strength, you won’t be missing much if you follow those two steps.

I myself prefer a dual-shadow+electric build myself since Electric really goes nowhere once you get shock therapy, electrical storm, and charged blood (all other attacks are useless save for the annihilator combo). Shock coma is good for annihilator combo only, otherwise I prefer traumatize for my go-to stun. So basically after getting shock therapy, electrical storm, and charged blood, I go over to the shadow side, going all the way up to psychopath form (which btw, is more effective than wraith form).

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I’m playing all 3 builds. Its not hydraulic, I’d say its phycological because of their simple electric build. Biological lacks the fast easy raw power of phycological. Although, biological’s speed build is amazing!

play all 3 of em!
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For biological, simply max out vicious strike and use the shadow form spell, and put all atributes on speed. Vicious strike during shadow form (or whatever its called) will do massive damage.

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It depends on your stratagey. I like Psychologicals personally

Psychologicals are weak and hard to use without stratagey, with a good stratagey, you can do massive damage and survive powerful bosses. They seem to be the least popular, probably due to the team killing/damaging skills and lack of obvious strengths. I found some good stratagies such as using high voltage to increase the healing effects of shock coma and reversing that with retrogade deals massive damage; retrogading an ally and then betraying them heals them and buffs you. While epithany can nulify the healing of nightmare’s side effect. I recomand however that you never try using retrogade + sacrafice, unfortunately sacrafice ignores retrogade so you can’t instantly heal allies.

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well personally i hate hydrollic my favorite is psychological i leveled up to level 17 in the second stage and demolished baron brixus with phsycopath form and with my stats all invested in instincts i killed the baron in a couple of minutes instead of an hour with bio and two hours with hydro so just us phsycos

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oh and if u use psychological at the beggining might be hard at around level 1 or see but if u only level up instinct u can demolish everything

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Byological: With Leading Strike, Integrity and Predator Form, you will never run out of focus. With Integrity, Toxicant Form and Widralth, you will never run out of health. With Predator Form, Slash, Brak and Destroy, you will always be able to deal huge damage. With Break and Cristalyze, your enemie will always be stunned. Man, there is no way you will lose like that

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Psycho definitely – read my guide – not difficult in the beginning AT ALL – 4 builds, maybe more, thus most variety and most strategies to beat opponents – I used psychos to beat the Corruptor WITHOUT ANY TRAINING FIGHTS (NOT necessary)

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To anyone who is reading this (and has finished up to zone 7), I found an epic combination for the bio class, who will allow you to do barely below 40k damage on the Corrupter, and over 40k on anyone else. Here’s what you do:1)You have to be at lvl 30. 2)you have to have the speed armor that you buy in zone 7. 3)Put on the fire samurai’s sword, since that weapon gives you the most speed. 4)Put every point into speed for attribute. You should have around 650 speed if all of the servers are the same. Then put the following points into the abilities: 4 into withdrawal, 4 into integrity, 4 into shadow blend, 1 into toxicant form, 1 into predator form, 3 into agile exposure, and the rest into any passive ability except acidic blood. Then, in battle, use these moves in the following order, predator form, toxicant form, shadow blend, agile exposure on the target of your choice, then withdrawal. If you did it without mistake, then you probably just did around 40k points of damage, which is the most amount of damage you can do to anyone without help, and will usually be a kill. To everyone else who has a problem getting through the game to get the Legend achievement, I found this life-saving blog that will breeze you through the game. (Note: this walk-through is for the bio class) .