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Make sure to check out the new guide posted Here


This game needs a lot of playing around because it doesn’t explain everything very well, and the tutorial seems buggy for some people. So please list the things you’ve found out about the game.

Firstly, some questions i’ve come across:

How do I open a chest?
You need to get a key. You do this by clicking on your tasks button, and clicking your “daily tasks” tab. There should be a daily task that asks you to “spend” 100 gold (really you’re just trading the 100 gold for the reward. don’t actually go and buy something for 100 gold), and the reward is either a key or chest (at random). There should also be a task that asks you to trade two chests for one key.

How do I attack things?
First, you need a hero with units assigned to them (heros don’t actually fight, they’re more like generals)
You hire a hero from the tavern, then go either to your hero tower, or the hero tab at the top of your little profile box (bottom right). If you go to your hero tower, click view. Then click the units button, then click a unit and then an open space under your hero. If you use the hero tab, then just click the “units” button by your hero and click the unit and then an open space under your hero.
To go to the world map, you click “leave castle” at the very right at the bottom. then you look around (scroll with by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen, keyboard arrow keys, or the little arrow buttons on the bottom right)find a good target, and attack.

how do I gain fame? (added)
If you look you hover your mouse over the place where it tells you your fame it will tell you, “through building, leveling up, research, unit training, and battle…” Fame opens up additional actions for you, like attacking castles, or visiting higher level dungeons (dwarven vault, and undead tower are two examples of lower level ones you can visit). It also gives you more AP, and more daily tasks.

what is AP? How do i get more AP? (added)
AP is your “action points.” you need AP to do pretty much anything with your hero, like attacking creatures, resources, equip, or scouting, or visiting shrines/temples/etc. Some of your daily tasks replenish AP, so don’t immediately get the rewards, you may be wasting precious AP. Also, AP replenishes over time. I’ve heard someone say it replenishes 20% an hour, but I think it’s actually less than that.

now some random things i found:
on the hero tab of your little profile box in the lower right, you can click on your hero’s picture to skip right to equiping skills and equip on them (quicker than going to the hero tower)
if you want to find someone who’s talking, you can click on their names in the chat box and click “information.” Their coordinates are listed. If you’re on the world map, you can just click on the coordinates in the box and your map will center on their castle.

the waterwheel gives you 2000 gold when you visit it (can visit one once a day), the wind mill gives you random non-gold resources (can visit one once a day), the temple of wishes gives your unit a 10% speed boost for 2 hours(can visit one once a day)

It seems a lot of things happen when you reach 2200 fame, including losing your noob protection, being able to attack players, and being able to capture more mines.

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1, How do I open a chest? (continued from someguy)
2. What things should I do every day?
3. I can’t find ….. on the map!
4. Is lumber better than ore? How do I get more gold? Can I buy more sulfur?
5. How do Castellans get experience?
6. How does the infirmary work?
7. Why don’t I get any wounded units?

Post 2

8. I can’t find my hero anywhere!

iamchris27’s post

- Manual Control of units and its advantages
- Should I spread my units or stack them all into 1 pile?

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Originally posted by someguy542003:

1. How do I open a chest?


Currently the daily that says "chest or key" only gives out a chest. So currently the only way to get free keys is to use the daily quest. Therefore you should use it whenever it's available, or else you could end up with too many chests.

2. What things should I do every day?

- Daily tasks (Click Tasks -> Daily tab)
- Visit Water Wheel and Windmill
- Visit Tomb and Dwarf Vault if you can beat them (need about 40k+ units to beat without loss)

Be aware that every time your Title increases, your daily tasks reset. So optimally, make sure all the tasks are completed AND rewarded before then, so you can get two lots in one day sometimes.

Title increases with rank. Your next Title level is displayed when you hover over the current Title in the Player tab on the castle main screen.

Title increases at the following fame levels: 200; 800; 2200; 5800; ...

3. I can't find ..... on the map!

You should use the search feature. It's located in the top-right of the map display. Leave the castle to see it.

In each tab is a list of places you can go. They are sorted by increasing radial distance from the middle of your current view; so centre your castle on the screen to see the closest things to your castle. By radial distance, I mean straight distance: as the crow flies.

On most of the tabs you can select what you want from the drop-down box at the top; e.g. level 1 treasure. On each one, you can then click view to see how long it takes to get there, what defences it has, and choose to attack.

On the Worldmap Building and Resources tabs, the drop-down is mostly useless. You should click "Next" to find 6 star or 5 star resources. You may need to click and drag to increase the size of the first column so you can see the 6th star.

If you can't find a Worldmap Building you need, like Dwarven Vault for example, trying centring your screen away from your castle and searching there.

4. Is lumber better than ore? How do I get more gold? Can I buy more sulfur?

The relative worth of resources are:

{ 20 Lumber == 20 Ore == 10 Sulfur == 10 Crystal } => 100 Gold

You can convert between any of the four mined resources, and you can convert the resources into Gold. You can't convert Gold into mined resources.

To convert, you need a level 1 Market. Click the Merchant Trade button to convert mined resources to other mined resources, and click the Sell to Merchant button to convert mined resources to Gold.

- When you try to convert multiple resources at once, you get a "null" pop-up. This is a bug. Do one resource at a time.
- The Market help text says there is a four hour cool-down between trades. However, this is not currently implemented.

5. How do Castellans get experience?

Castellans get experience when you create or upgrade things in your city:
- Buildings
- Troops
- Battlements
- Magic Tower spells

The experience is given to the current Castellan at the time the build completes.

Healing in the infirmary doesn't give experience.

6. How does the infirmary work?

When your units are defeated in battle, a large percentage of them are just wounded, and can be healed. The rest are lost forever.

The percentage of lost units that are just wounded is 75% from battles against NPCs, 60-80% against a player.

To heal them, go to your arena in your castle, and click infirmary. In the top box, choose the number you want to heal (type 999 to heal all), then click heal. You can have one heal process going at once. The cost to heal is one third of the initial gold cost of each unit (and none of the mined resources cost).

7. Why don't I get any wounded units?

The percentages above are rounded down. Against NPCs:

1 to 4 units lost -> 1 dead
5 to 8 units lost -> 2 dead
9 to 12 units lost -> 3 dead

Note that there is no randomness in this process of working out the number of wounded. The percentage wounded in PvP is 60-80% depending on (I think) honour; with (in my testing) 60 honour still giving less than 64% wounded rate.

It is important to realise that these rates are applied per TROOP, not per battle or over time:

  1 - 1 - 1
1 - 1 - 1 - 1
-> if battle is lost, there will be 0 wounded (all dead)..

  0 - 0 - 0
7 - 0 - 0 - 0
-> if battle is lost, there will be 5 wounded (2 dead).

So, for example, suppose you spread seven imps on the allocation squares of a hero (forming seven troops of one imp each) and send that hero out, and lose the battle. The 75% is applied to each troop and rounded down, giving 0 wounded. Yes, this is a disadvantage of spreading out your troops!
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8. I can’t find my hero anywhere!

- They might be on their way to the castle, or stopped. On the map screen, in the bar on the left, click the Hero’s image just to the left of the Kingdom button. If they’re not moving, try selecting them and selecting the Move button at the bottom, if there is one.
- Sometimes the Hero tab in the castle gets scrolled down, making it look like a hero is missing
- Did you send them out to capture a mine? Click the Kingdom button, select the Mines tab, then click Call In on the mine that has your hero in it.
- They could be registered in the arena. Go to the Arena and click the Arena button top-right. Then look down the list and see if your hero’s name is in the table. You should be able to remove them from the arena by viewing the arena and clicking the cross in the corner of the window.

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Great post ferret, thanks very much! Maybe I wont come roll you for stealing my resources now :)

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Manual Control of units and it's advantages

When attacking an enemy party, you can overview your battles by selecting 'okay'. This will take you to the battlefield displaying your units and your opponents units, here you can give orders to your units via the control panel with buttons called: 'Attack','Standby','Retreat' and 'Focus' in the bottom left of the screen. You may also use spells which you may buy from the bazaar at a price, these spells with also appear at the bottom of interface.

You can use these commands to win with fewer casualties or escape with some troops, when used correctly.

Attack: Makes all units attack the enemy, this includes ranged units firing projectiles and melee units moving towards the enemy to attack them.

Standby: Units will not move to the enemy ranged units will still attack the enemy, melee units will not move but will attack the enemy if they are within range of their attacks.

Retreat: Your melee units that have moved forwards will move back to the left of the battlefield regardless of enemy position. (Thanks Cobshape)

Focus: Click on this and then on a target enemy so that all units will attack the targetted unit until the enemy is dead (or of course if you lose all of your units), ranged units will attack the target as normal and melee units will approach the enemy in order to attack them.

Examples of Effective use of these skills:

Attack - This is the standard method that AI would likely use, it may be better to use this method rather than others for these reasons:

-Being able to attack enemy ranged units with your melee units.

-Using melee units as a shield to protect the maybe precious ranged units and draw some of the attacks away from the ranged units.

-Slightly quicker than other techniques, but may leed to unneccesary loss of troops. I do not recommend using this method just to speed up the battle, time you save now will be lost recruiting new units that you didn't have to lose.

Standby - A generally good technique, especially when you have more ranged units than the enemy or if the enemy has alot of melee and you wish to get the advantage. With this you can:

-Keep the melee units back meanwhile your ranged units kill the enemy as they slowly advance towards you, then if there are any left use attack to finish them.

-Getting the advantage of being the first to attack, if timed correctly you can wait until the enemy is close enough then attack to kill some of the enemy units or reduce their numbers before they get chance to attack resulting in less damage taken by you on their turn.

-Waste time whilst you use spells etc.

I do not recommend this if the enemy has more ranged units than you in most cases, you are probably better using focus on the ranged enemies whilst your melee units approach the enemy then use attack when you are close enough.

Retreat - You may use this to:

-Spread damage across the units as the enemy AI generally goes for the closest unit

- Hit and run if you have fast units, better if you are faster than the enemy.

-Escape from dangerous melee

Focus - This will probably have more use in pvp against foolish enemies stacking a pack too high in comparison to the rest of their units. This can be helpful:

- If the enemy has one more dominant danger than the other units, use focus and cut it down then deal with the rest of the army later.

-When your melee units are moving towards the enemy, if you focus on their ranged units you can eliminate some of the damage from the ranged units.

- To get rid of units that are terrorising one of your important units.

In all I believe it can be important to command a fight as the AI will not do most of the above things which you may do to cut losses.

Should I spread my units or stack them all into 1 pile?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to both spreading units and stacking them, I will list them here:

Spreading units


-The NPCs generally spread out their units, if you have alot of a unit and split them you can kill the seperate groups quicker with multiple attacks. Speeds up combat and does not waste attacks on overkilling enemies which gives no bonus.

-If you have maybe only afew strong units and the enemy has a cluster of powerful units, the enemy can only kill one group at a time with a single attack. This is good for fodder whilst other stronger units damage the enemy.

-In pvp really small groups will be less of a target of spells etc. and also link with the above advantage.


-Especially with smaller casualties, less injured go to the infirmary and so troops are wasted. This is because the system works out the casualties of each stack of monsters and not each type of monster so a stack of 30 zombies will have a seperate number of casualties to another stack of 40 zombies and the number of injured will be worked out individually. This effect will be more important on the higher end of the scale with high level monsters that cost alot of resources.

-Damage will be spread across different enemies unless ‘focus’ is applied, which may lead to the enemy losing 1 less troop (eg. 50 damage to one stack and 50 to another, if their Hp is 30 you will only kill 2 as opposed to killing 3 in a whole group) which may be critical against powerful enemies… MAYBE.

-Valuable space may be wasted.

Stacking units


-Avoids the disadvantages of spreading units, Damage is applied to a single enemy and the number of injured units is maximized.

-Allows you to use your other spaces for other units you may have.


-Attack power may be wasted on overkilling an enemy.

-Your single stack of units can be killed in 1 attack of the enemy in comparison to several with spread units.

-Bigger target of spells etc. especially in pvp.

In conclusion, I find that it is generally better to spread out your units but in later stages you will have 5 or more different units so you will want to deploy them. In this situation I suggest you just buy a ratio of different troops and make all of the stacks of units of similar power to each other so they are not dependant on a singular unit, so either buy equal ratios of 5 different units or if you have less than 5 units then spread out the strongest stacks.

The aim is to have an equal power for each of your stacks whichever way you choose to approach it.

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“Retreat” doesn’t work like that. It just causes advanced melee units to, er, retreat.

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Originally posted by cobshape:

“Retreat” doesn’t work like that. It just causes advanced melee units to, er, retreat.

Expand on this please, and I will change the description.

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can I get a new game?

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Originally posted by iamchris27:
Originally posted by cobshape:

“Retreat” doesn’t work like that. It just causes advanced melee units to, er, retreat.

Expand on this please, and I will change the description.

Ok, if any of your melee units have advanced across the screen, and you then click retreat, they go backwards.

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Originally posted by zedd236:

can I get a new game?

you can reset your account in the account reset thread, they’ve specifically said that making alternate accounts is a bannable offense

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Originally posted by explodingferret:
Currently the daily that says “chest or key” only gives out a chest. So currently the only way to get free keys is to use the daily quest. Therefore you should use it whenever it’s available, or else you could end up with too many chests.

@ferret, are you sure it only gives out chests? because I swear i got a master key from it once…

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You can take a chest or a key.. Ofc the key is a lot more rare.. Usually you take the chest..

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How do I donate stuff to the King in order to complete 2 daily tasks?

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Just accept the quest.. will automaticcaly change the resources for gold.. Then get reward

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A little heads up: I’m sure many have noticed that units under computer control (yours and enemies) attack the strongest units first. So, if you want to take advantage of your nice ranged units that you start of with, but don’t want to risk losing them: put them in with a large stack of units you don’t care about. Even better would be several large stacks of units you don’t care about, so that they have more than one target to hit before they decide to attack the unit you do care about.

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i’ve realised something, every now and then (sometimes in a hour or 2, sometimes alot longer) you get a mail, where they gift you a free lucky chest. does anyone know how this system works? like what is the definite time it will gift it to you. also, when does the daily task reset? it seems to reset in less than a day (for something thats called ‘daily’ task).

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Read the instructions and also take a look in the shop. It’s all explained there.

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you can also see the reason why you get it by hovering your mouse over the gift box in the top left

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What does the infirmary do?? Does it heal my units that were lost in the battle that i see as casualties in my battle report? Or do units become invisibly damaged and die easier in the next battle?

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Originally posted by BeatenThunder:

What does the infirmary do?? Does it heal my units that were lost in the battle that i see as casualties in my battle report? Or do units become invisibly damaged and die easier in the next battle?

This is the description for the infirmary in the game…

Infirmary Description:
1. Units are wounded at a fixed rate during battle: 75% for monster battles and 90% for Player battles. Every Level upgrade for the Arena results in a 1% decrease in recovery time.
2. Players can use gold to heal the wounded in the Infirmary.
3. The Infirmary can only accomodate 10 different units at a time.

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i’ve been wondering this, it may be a bit obvious but jus making sure. when you have alot of ‘speed stat’ is it possible for units to take 2 turns in one go cause of its overwhelming speed? if so, around how much would it need compared to the opponent for this to happen e.g. double? triple?

another question is, when your opponent are range units, do they have attack and kill off all of my front row units before attacking my back row? or can they go straight to my back row units and attack them?

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I was wondering about the hero itself.

1.Say my hero has 50 attack and 40 defence. How will that affect the battle? (what bonuses does it give to the soldiers aka Units)

2.How do you exactly donate to the guild?

3.Is there anyway to get the master keys exept for the daily task?

4.Should there be a given how much exp the castellan earns when you build things.. or at least a notice of it somewhere?

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1) that information hasn’t been released, and the developers don’t plan on releasing it. Also, I doubt there are many people who are willing to take the time to test it out.
2)That option does not seem to have been implemented yet.
3)The only way to get a master key is the daily task, yes. However, later on, the developers will probably make the keys buyable in the shop.
4)There is no notice on how much xp your castellan earns when you build things. If you want, you could help us figure it out ;)

sorry, all my info this time seems a bit useless