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Sacred Seasons MMORPG FAQ

This is a compilation of some useful links, skills and info, about Kongregate’s new MMORPG, Sacred Seasons. Get your questions answered here!


1) Rules and Guidelines
2) Classes
3) Terminology
4) Other Frequently Asked Questions
5) Other useful links

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Sacred Seasons MMORPG’s Guidelines

These are some guidelines you should try to follow. The guidelines are taken from MakotoShinobi’s thread For those who are new to Sacred Seasons

1) Do not use CAPS in the game, this will cause the bot admin saying “No Swearing!” Not only Caps is swearing out loud, but it’s very annoying, plus it does not help with your friends or partners after all.

2) Swearing is not allowed in the game, plus all the racial slurs. Even with non-adult language words like “idiot” is not allowed in SS. Now I know most of the offensive racial slurs on every foreign language, so if I found out who’s using such words people who have never heard of before, I can ask Jamie or Glutamine to make new rules.

3) If you’re thinking that you want to level up your character fast as possible, you need to ask your friend to help you out. However, this is not guarantee if you’re going to the high-level monster dungeons or arenas, since this can easily blast your character into pieces. Even with partners in high-level dungeons still doesn’t work.

Look here for a complete Terms Of Service [TOS] list

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Sacred Seasons MMORPG Classes

Sacred Seasons MMORPG is all about classes. Before you begin your grinding adventure, we recommend you check all the classes one by one, and decide which is best for you. For that purpose, we provide you the link which will let you compare classes easily.

Now a list with all classes:


Evergreen Soldier


Desert Bandit
Sun Witch


Harvest Soldier


Arctic Soldier
Medicine Man
Snow Bandit

[Remember to check and compare all the classes and the stats carefully, because you’ll need a class that suits you in order to have fun in the game]

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What is a weapon

A: Weapons are items that you purchase or earn throughout the game. Weapons increase your stats like, attack, luck etc.

What is an armor

A: Armors are special suits that you purchase. They increase stats like defence, resistance, luck etc.

What is a quest?

A: Quests are missions given from NPCs throughout the game. Each quest has a difficulty level. Quests reward you with items, silver, gold or enlarge your map. Quests are either repetitive (Jona, Rosie, Captain Chris), or not repetitive (normal quests). For a complete quest list, visit this link

What is an Arena?

A: [extract from Sacred Seasons Wiki]

An arena is a multi-level dungeon, often associated with a repeatable quest (daily or weekly). Arenas consist of 7 floors and 7 rooms, totaling 49 rooms (with 1 to 3 battles in each room), or single floor and 8 rooms (with 1 to 3 battles per room). They are considered to be more difficult than normal dungeons because healing is limited to items & skills. Additionally monsters increase with difficulty as each floor or level of dungeon is completed.

You can find a complete list of all the arenas and their acronyms here

What is an NPC?

A: NPC’s are all the Non Playable Characters. You can find various NPC’s in the game. People who give you quests, like Jona, Rosie, Captain Chris or monsters, are all NPC’s.

What is a Guild?

A: A Guild is a group of people who work together in order to have fun on the game and help each other. Each Guild has a Guild leader, the creator of the Guild. Guilds also take part in the PvP battles.

What are the in-game events?

A: The in-game events are events which are there to help users have a greater time. Others give users an EXP bonus, others give users a Gold bonus etc. All the events last for a little minutes though.

What are the leechers?

A: Low-leveled users need to level up quicker. For this reason, they go and stick to high-leveled players to gain part of the EXP. These (annoying for the most part) people appear to Sacred Seasons too, and are called “leechers”.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

How can I level up?

A: You level up by gaining EXP points. If you meet the EXP cap of your current level, you level up.

What is the level cap in Sacred Seasons?

A: The level cap is lvl 999.

How can I create a Guild?

A: You can create a Guild by simply pressing the “Create a Guild” button at the bottom right corner, under Kongregate’s icon.

What are those “free offers”?

A: The free offers are a way of earning gold on Sacred Seasons. They usually require registering on a site, or something like that. They can be viruses though, so make sure your antivirus system is sufficient before trying to do the free offers. Also, do not ever give away personal info.

Free offers are available by a country to country basis. You may get different free offers compared to someone from a different country.

I did some free offers but they did not award me the gold!

A: The free offers are handled by a third party company and hence the developer, game or moderators are not responsible if your offers do not pay out. As they are handled by a third party company (getgambit), complaining about it on the forums will not likely to get it sorted out.

Reasons for free offers not working could be linked to adblock programs, cookies, IP addresses or other factors that are unknown or unaware of.

If some free offers have not worked for you, try doing some other free offers. If the situation is very bad, then perhaps it is understandable to drop a pm to jamie on the SS forums to get that sorted out. Remember, it is not his fault that the free offers don’t work, but he can nudge the providing company to make it work.

Are there any other ways to purchase gold?

A: Yes. Gold is purchasable. You can purchase gold by paying in Kreds (Kongregate’s type of money), pay by credit card or pay by mobile phone.

I have some gold and I want to purchase a weapon/armor. What do I do?

A: Press the “Word Store” button at the top of the screen. You’ll be brought to the world store. You can buy things with gold there.

I have some silver and I want to purchase a weapon/armor. What do I do?

A: Go to Shikaakwa’s store and purchase your weapons. You cannot purchase any armor with silver; you’ll have to purchase gold for that.

Are sell buttons going to be implemented?

A: [credits to zaraki]
As for a “Sell Button” option this will not be added in the future due to the nature of items in the game (you can not get the same weapon twice, ever), accessibility of silver, and of course the profitable nature of gold weapons. If they were refundable for even a 25% refund it would only benefit people not willing to buy gold in the future, which doesn’t exactly equal profit to Jamie.

This extract can also be found here

I haven’t played for some time (the game window was opened) and when I tried to move, I saw a “Game Over”. What happened?

A: It is something like a “punishment”. Your game ended due to a period of inactivity. Do not worry though. Your data or items are not lost.

Can I change my current class to something else?

A: Of course you can. Just press the icon labeled with “Change Class” at the top of the screen, and pick the one you want.

Yeah, but, will I lose my progress on my starting class if I switch to another one?

A: No. All your progress and stats will remain the same for all your classes. For example, you have an Arctic Soldier lvl 200 and you decide to switch to Thaumaturgist for some time. If you switch back to Arctic Soldier, your level and your stats will still be the same.

Why isn’t the “Full Screen” button working?

A: It is a game bug. All you have to do is wait until jamie fixes it.

How can I PM someone?

A: You can use the standard method which is the same as Kongregate’s:

/w [username] [your message]

Or, you can PM the user by going to his/her profile and clicking on the “PM” button.

What is the “/add” function?

A: The “/add” function is a quicker way of adding people on your friends list. It works this way:

/add [username]

I spoted a user who was acting in a bad way. What can I do?

A: Report the user to an online moderator using the

/w [mod’s name] [message]


Yeah, but how am I supposed to know all the moderators?

A: Here is a complete list:

• Malkin71 (Administrator. jamieyg3 in-forum)
• _TinKeR
• adamperez07
• Argos74
• aveo5
• Ayoween
• blk24hwk
• browneyeguru
• CrazyEye
• DCoopYM
• dfarm
• DiamondDog (CreedP in-forum)
• glutamine
• Gwena
• hampster
• Hannelore
• hodeni
• IceWeaselX (IWX in-forum)
• Laxaria
• LunaBlue
• Mirix
• moneybuckets
• Nator
• phishface
• Rainfiresns
• StormySeas (stormyseas in-forum)
• thatguyusaw
• wendi
• WingerDinger
• XxBlade411xX
• zdeev

The full-screen button does not work

A: It’s a bug. It only works in the original site.

I’m experiencing some problems with my account. What should I do?

A: We’ll provide you with a link. Please go and check it out if you’re experiencing any problems with your account.

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Other Useful Links

A List of Known Bugs

Caster Training Guide

Sacred Seasons’s wiki page

Sacred Seasons Forum

Technical Support

Sacred Seasons Guild List and Information On How to Join

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Didn’t you already make this thread, here?

EDIT: Guess this one got more popular than the other one, seeing as how this is the main one now. Good for you, making such an important thread.

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It’s exactly the same thing like your other one and mako’s, except with multiple posts.

This isn’t necessary, though. You still see many threads about problems, regardless if this gets sticky.

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Hmm, this sounds like a good idea for me for the improvement, but I think it’s best to stick with the original thread, then use my thread to borrow the text and paste it in.

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Hello again guys. Yeah, this one still needs some improvements which I’m going to implement in a moment. I actually decided to make the FAQ again, but this time with multiple posts etc. I’ll add some more things. I’ll need everyone’s help for ideas though. Especially the “Other Useful Links” category needs to be filled with more links. I was planning to finish it yesterday but my computer ran out of battery and I had to stop. I’ll hopefully complete it today.

Thanks in advance!

[EDIT: Added some new questions, fixed the titles and added “buttons” which navigate to the contents]

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It’s a good thing that you’re updating this FAQ. I’m pretty sure this thread may become sticky. We’ll see about that.

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Originally posted by MakotoShinobi:

It’s a good thing that you’re updating this FAQ. I’m pretty sure this thread may become sticky. We’ll see about that.

Yeah. It still needs a lot of things though. But we have plenty of time. By the way, Makoto, if you think that I should add anything, let me know. :)

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Thanks man, when i first started something a lot like this really helped me! (155 DB) lvl 50+ alts

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Originally posted by heavenlybird_666:

Thanks man, when i first started something a lot like this really helped me! (155 DB) lvl 50+ alts

You are welcome! :)

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“What is a quest?

A: Quests are missions given from people* throughout the game."

*you should change that to NPCs

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Originally posted by AznKid66:

“What is a quest?

A: Quests are missions given from people* throughout the game."

*you should change that to NPCs

Haha, thanks for that tip, AznKid66! I’ll edit it right away!

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The quote line makes the titles look bad, remove them!

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The quote line makes the titles look bad, remove them!

Say “please” first. ;)

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Leave it if you want.

No, it’s okay. If anyone else thinks that it looks bad, please tell me.

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I think it’s only me. :s

We’ll see. :P

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Sticky. Awesome work Psycho.

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Originally posted by zaraki:

Sticky. Awesome work Psycho.

Thanks a lot Zar! Feel free to add anything you want. Thanks again for being so positive guys!

[EDIT: Constantly adding new questions. Thanks for your support and ideas guys!]

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I have silver gold and I want to purchase a weapon/armor. What do I do?

May want to fix this, it’s midway through the 5th post.