[Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game, Open Alpha Test] UMAG Game Suggestions

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You all saw it coming. So I’d like to found the suggestion thread for UMAG, may never get in, but hey, might aswell voice what you’d like to see and what changes. Right on.

Feel free to suggest Weapons, unlocks, upgrades, designs, blah, blah. Anything you’d think would make this already amazing game, even better!

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I’ll keep my eyes on this thread :)

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Does “Sbs are still too strong; make them less bitchy” count as a suggestion, or is that more of a balance/fix/something else (and thus for another thread)?

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My own thought, is the unstarted/started game list nessacary? I really think that should be nixed, cause I don’t see it’s purpose and it gets too long some times.

Graphically the force shield is abit too far to the left of the little black box, so if your wierd like me, I notice things like that.

Is the digger cone really useful? As the terrain deforms it falls in, so either make it so we can make bunkers or something, or make the digger cone do direct damage incase someone gets too close.

Unlocks should involve new tank designs and other things to that nature.

Team games are a must and have bigger maps.

A slightly larger variety of support widgets like the shield and maybe a few mortar variants.

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Okay then. One little thing that has always bugged me is that when selecting the regular MIRV, the screen moves to the left. If I’ve just gotten that perfect screen for when you’re all the way across the map from somebody, it sucks to have to move it again when I choose MIRV. I think it’d be good if you didn’t scroll when in the bottom panel.

Also, for the stats page, it’d be cool to see the actual ranking.

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I would really like to play with my friends by selecting them in a list of people online or something like that.

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In the final game there will be an option to start private games where you can play with people that you invite.

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guests shouldnt be in the top 10 :),

some bugs still need to be fixed like when you die still get a turn and wind shouldnt go higher then orange, cause if its in red its nearly impossible to play with.

maybe some other weapons or something to make the game more interesting so you actually can see a skill level between players and make quitters and suicide bombers get a penalty for suiciding …

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Generally, I don’t see any problem with the strength of the wind. The only real issue is that when you have p0 vs. p3 and the wind is max in one direction, it can be impossible to get a shot across the screen into the wind.

Now, seriously, about smart bombs. They really are still too strong. I wouldn’t be opposed to taking them out of the game altogether, but they at least need to be toned down. I think 30-35 damage for the regular sb and around 15 for the MIRV would be good. This makes sbs weapons to just finish off that last little bit of hp rather than kill someone with as much as 2/3 (or more with a MIRV sb). Napalm might also be a bit strong. Bringing it down to 15 or so would probably be good.

In its current state, the shield is virtually useless. The only reason to use it now is to try to stall for a change in the wind. Not really sure what to do to improve it though.

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I agree with Kavesk: NOOB TOOBS need to be fixed. Games are like NUKE/PERFECT MIRV HIT THEN NOOB TOOB LOL, and all of a sudden, you’re dead, a lot of times before you take your second turn.

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Yeah, I agree that the Smart Weapons are to powerful, they are not really meant to be available by default but dropped as collectable powerups on the field.
I will implement this as soon as I get the time, hopefully this weekend :)

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I s’pose that’s better. The problem arises in the whole positioning deal. The game is already pretty much determined by who gets the best position, though it also depends on the skill level (something which sbs mostly negate, which is the source of the problem). If someone gets good positioning and spawns next to a sb drop, they’re golden. But I guess someone that lands on a side of a hill as p2 or p3 is basically fucked regardless of where the sb drops. Meh.

EDIT: Did the normal sb path get wider? I’ve seen some awesome sbfails in the past few games.

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Game Mode Ideas

Team Deathmatch

6 players in a game. 3 on each team. Teams can’t damage eachother.

Free For All

Normal 4 player all vs. all game.

Cage Match

1 vs. 1

Newbie Fight

A fight for all people under X rank.

2 vs. 1

1 slightly bigger cooler looking tank that does double damage, vs. 2 small tanks.

Ranking ideas

There should be 100 levels… About 50 kills to level up for levels 1-20, then 100 kills to level up from 21-60, and then 150 kills to level up from 61-100.

Ranks should be a little icon near the person’s name.

Shop Idea

With EXP you gain, you shouldn’t be able to buy things that give you an advantage. You should buy things like different color and different looking tanks. Also, you should be able to buy different maps. Like a raining level, and a night time level.

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I mostly like your game mode ideas. Team games wouldn’t necessarily need to have 6 though, just an even number greater than 2. Also, I don’t really like 2 vs. 1, but it might be a fun gimmicky thing.

That’s a terrible ranking system, tbh. It should be more of an exponential increase between ranks. Stick Arena has a pretty good system, though you’d have to tweak the numbers a bit.

Agree with the shop for aesthetic purposes only.

A few minor things that’d be nice:

-A “cancel join” button would be a good addition.

-Games without the planned powerups (e.g. no-sb games).

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Classic mode. Which is the mode we have now, before the smartbomb update.

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What do you think about the terrain collapsing? should it be removed so you’ll be able to dig tunnels like in for worms?

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Tunnels would be cool, but only if they can only stay up if they are connected to the main ground.

If you do allow tunnels, make a cave level.

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I dunno. Tunnels are kinda iffy. They open the possibility of obnoxious griefing by tunneling on the opposite side of the map (where your opponent will never be able to reach) just before you die and just stalling. I guess we could try it though.

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I like the idea of tunneling, aslong as the maps get bigger. If we do get unneling I suggest a Bunker-Buster Mortar that drills through the ground aways then explodes, doing the same damage and size as a Heavy Mortar, but with the going so far untill it explodes and/or if it hits another pocket of open air. If that can be done.

EDIT: One of Kavesk’s level ideas inspired something for me. A unique weapon per different kind of map. Like the night level you could shoot up a parachute flare the would illuminate your opponent’s position that would float about for a few of your turns. And so on and so on.

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Flares in the night level are a great idea!

Also, Heavy Mortar, which has a bigger radius, should replace Nukes, and nukes should be crate items.

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Maybe a weapon that is like the Napalm Fire, but a different colour, and adds some random spread to all the weapons, making them less accurate?

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Techy you think about adding like an incediary like upgrade or something?

Also, another idea would be have the naplam stay on the ground for a few turns so if someone goes across it or falls into whatever they take dmg.

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A shop would be good, but nothing that would affect gameplay. It would give the people who don’t have lives and play UMAG all day a big advantage. Would like to see a weather bomb or something to chage the wind direction. And also, would like to see air-support. Maybe some perks.

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Put ammo in the chickens. Please.
And is it possible to put in a language filter?

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I have an idea. For the tunnels, can you assign weight the the soil above, so after a certain weight is upon it, the tunnel collapses? Because that would prevent the tunnels from being under a mountain, where you would have no hope of hitting it.