[Remnants of Skystone] Major Skystone Update (version 0.8) (locked)

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We’re back with an update! A lot has changed in this version, so here’s a rough overview of what’s new:

All Players:

Enemies and Stats
Skill Gauge no longer used for steam or gripping
Critical attacks adjusted to use Skill stat as boost
Chance of dodging an attack based on Luck stat
Drop rates and formula adjusted to boost rates evenly
All enemies now have chance of dropping random ores
(some enemies still have higher % for certain ores)
Chance of bonus XP awarded based on Luck stat
Enemies level up as you earn their trophies, with higher HP/Attack/XP awarded
Low-damage enemies no longer throw you back on contact
Enemy kill tracking and XP earned from enemies you kill in Co-op

Planting quests no longer expire, and do not have to be done on concurrent days
(instead of watering Mon/Tues/Wed, can be spread out to Mon/Thurs/Sat, etc.)
Expired quests will now auto-abandon
Daily Baking and Trailblazing quests for non-subscribers

Other Gameplay adjustments
More robust training system, with context-based pop-ups through Mission 1+
Mission MD0101 reworked and streamlined, with slight map changes
New animation cycles on players for running/etc.
Original Tube Circuit / Tube-crafting removed
Aeronaut “Steamthrower” removed from default moves (see “New Moves”)
Less Aeronaut shot decay, to make up for lack of default Steamthrower
Checkpoints now restore 50% of your health on contact
Checkpoints are now controlled by pressing Up instead of with delay/black bars
Players can now mute other players in Town/Floats, which will also auto-deny co-op
Level cap changed for recruits

Mission Deployment and Command Post swapped for easier access
New NPCs in town: Cecilia, Gerard, Emma, Rusty, Aspen
Camera in town will export your character as a Kongregate avatar

Trophies sorted into categories
Nidarian Time (Server Time) shown on Menus

Item Store sorted into categories
Occasional spore discounts for sales
Some stock may be limited-time only and will leave the shop (days remaining shown)
Updated Shop News for Furniture/Clothing stores
Brass currency replaces direct Kred purchases

New World: Ridgeback Highlands
3 new areas
10 new primary Missions
19 new enemies (with trophies)
New boss and mini-boss

Worlds and areas renamed
Various new earnable trophies for enemies and abilities (gardening, metal, etc.)

NEW Subscriber Features:

New Moves
Two additional moves for each Class, which rely on Skill and Stamina stats
Melee attacks are continuous close-range attacks
Charged attacks are medium/long-range attacks which require charging up before using
Skill Meter is consumed during Melee/charge-up, and Skill stat is the basis for the power of your Melee and Charged attacks
Stamina stat controls the refill of your Skill Meter, and charge time for Charged Attacks
Aeronaut: Steamthrower (Melee), Power Shot (Charged)
Ferric: Whirlwind (Melee), Ferron Lunge (Charged)
Crag: Flailspin (Melee), Whiplash (Charged)

Spectra Circuit
Original Tube Circuit replaced with a customizable, 30-socket Spectra Circuit
Circuit Points (CP) are earned by defeating Mimics, and used to unlock/upgrade Sockets
Single-stat Ether Tubes are crafted using Etherite + Ores
Placing certain Tubes in nearby Sockets can boost the resulting stats, or drain them
Circuit socket pattern is designed by the player
Players’ Spectra Circuit diagrams visible in Profiles and Float Display Cases

Quests and Dailies
A number of Daily Quests that will differ and change daily, and give Brass currency as rewards
Fizzes can be brewed with Gerard in Victory Labs
Mimic Extermination quests do not expire or need to be done all at once

Spore discounts in Furniture Outlet, Clothing Emporium, and Item Shop
Member’s-Only trader shops with exclusive items

One co-op map each week for Subscribers, which contain new Mimics and bosses
Subscribers can team up with non-subscribers to give them access to the map

Update 12/23/09 (v. 0.8.02):

Fixed bug in Nidaria where the game would occasionally freeze and/or give popup errors
Updated Batowls to still be killable at high levels
Checkpoint Tubes in Coop now also give 50 HP restore
Trophies: Coop with Aeronauts should now track correctly
ixed issue with baking quests / item based quests to know when you have items in inventory
Fixed effects/graphics issue with Hatchwood Wilds boss
Fixed bug with Tanoak’s rope quest
Updated error handling with Kred purchases
Removed old buying supplies buttons from Tesla
Fixed bug when canceling from Matchmaking
Fixed Ferric’s lunge attack to not travel through doorways
Fixed occasional bug with quests that spawn fungus globs / crates
Coop teammate’s Charge Attack training popup won’t appear on your screen now
Fixed bug in Coop with Aeronaut teammates being stuck flying in hurt pose
Fixed News Board to not show dummy text when loading

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If the new moves are subscription only, there’s no point of the stamina for non subscribers. Make them free for everyone.

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So you made the Steamthrower attack Subscriber-only? Kinda sucks.

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I was pretty sure Cpasley said paid content wouldn’t give paid players an unfair advantage. Wouldn’t an exclusive etherillium circuit and members-only attacks be unfair? I can see the co-op boards in the future being topped by kids with too much money. Stick to paid-only floors and clothes.

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Locked the post, was supposed to just be for update announcements :) You can move the conversations to a different thread if you like.