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Read Me First

We’ll use this thread to post information about updates to the game. Each update will get a new post, so scroll down to the bottom to check out the latest changes.

For information on the recent major update including the Nidarian Guard and World 3,
check the post here

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Version 0.8.03 (12/28/09)
Some bug-fixes in this latest update:

~ Fixed issue with Trenchfoots jumping into ceilings
~ Fixed tracking for “unique” players for Co-op quests/dailies, so previous matches don’t count against you
~ Various quest adjustments
~ Zapped status now correctly disables your Spectra Circuit
~ Players will no longer get an enemy’s status effect (burned, sprained, etc.) if the attack was Dodged
~ Fixed Grabrat/Shocksprite issue where the player or enemies or effects would disappear from the screen
~ Fixed issue with Shocksprites missing suspension lines
~ Fixed issue where Ferrics tumbling into a room could make other effects (flames, etc.) disappear
~ Fixed issue where Crags could activate Checkpoint menus after traveling
~ Fixed daily scheduling/time-zone issue with Saturday evenings counting as the next week
~ Golembombers won’t notice you now if they are hit/dying
~ Better handling of errors when loading players / co-op players
~ Fixed trophy pop-ups in Floats that displayed “???” as their name
~ Clampbrights are now killable for trophies
~ “Restore Power to the Mines” Mission now prevents you from leaving the Mines mid-run
~ Baking Dailies from Cecilia no longer have prerequisites

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Version 0.8.04 (12/30/09)
Some new additions, plus bug-fixing:

~ Can now connect to the game from Linux
~ Improved handling of quest pickups (the Dandelion quest bug)
~ Crags now do damage while recoiling
~ Crags now send a shockwave when performing their Charged Attack
~ Added Cancel button to Checkpoint screen
~ Added grayscale/red effect when low on health
~ Falling into water will now remove any attached enemies/webbing
~ Improved handling of walls/filler so players and enemies won’t get stuck in walls as easily
~ Composter usage is now tracked towards trophies
~ Days left in membership is now rounded up to include the current day
~ Fixed “Golembomber shuffle” issue
~ Dewdrops won’t follow and Dewdrop fungus won’t spring up now while Sporedusted
~ Player profiles now work for new players just out of Training
~ Added default music in Floats
~ Fixed issues with Haze Turrets / Spinnaker fungus in Co-op with Aeronauts
~ Fixed issue with co-op partners showing your status effects
~ Channel-changing in Nidaria (if more than 1 channel exists)

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Version 0.8.05 (12/31/09)
Didn’t plan on updating again so quickly, but some changes in the previous update were causing some issues that needed to be fixed immediately.

~ Removed new collision code that was causing issues in the Sewers and with Bosses
~ Adjusted low-health effects to be minimal, without pulsing, and only at extremely low health
~ Quests that track items (like Stiltskin pelts) will now have up-to-date information when logging back in (previously it would show a tally of 0 until you went to the Ground and it got the actual information)
~ Aeronaut now uses Skill stat for Steamthrower attack
~ Adjusted rooms in Steamport City and Ridgeback Highlands for Crags

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Version 0.8.06 (01/06/10)
Bug-fixes, and changing the floor plan of your Float:

~ Fixed issue with Ferrics getting stuck and/or running in place when attacked
~ Fungeye boss adjusted to not spawn two fungus cores in the same spot
~ Trophy sets that only have one trophy no longer add “Bronze” to the trophy title
~ Fixed issue with a player sometimes not appearing on others’ screens in Nidaria
~ Duplicate/disconnected players sometimes appearing in Nidaria will now be removed
~ Changed Crag flail collision-checking for diagonals
~ Adjusted Crag flail bounds for close-combat, walls, and ceiling
~ Crag Whiplash attack’s shockwaves won’t be generated if hitting through a wall
~ Fixed Ferrics lunging underneath ledges and into ceilings
~ Players can now choose to edit their Float when they have visitors
(visitors will automatically be kicked out while editing)
~ Added option to change the Floor Plan for a Float Floor (button in Float Editor)
~ Changes to server code to help prevent Kred purchase problems
~ Players will now be notified if a Kred purchase error requires logging out to re-process
~ Changed collision code (again) to better prevent players/enemies from sticking inside walls
~ Abandoning quests will now auto-save, so they can be reaccepted if needed right away
~ Leveling up now fills health bar completely, instead of only filling non-tube health

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Bonus Update
More changes to server code regarding Kred purchase problems, which should fix those issues now.

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Version 0.807 (01/18/10)
~ Rewritten server code to improve server lag and reduce disconnects
~ Fixed issue with display cases not loading sometimes
~ Adjusted some Embermite puzzle areas in the Ridgeback Highlands area
~ Quest Log now only shows the “Last Completed” (with latest date) for a Daily Quest
~ Members Co-op bosses now drop Geodes
~ Tanoak’s “Fixing Elevators” option will now work correctly (without having to map travel afterwards)
~ Swampfoots, Bruinscales, and Trenchfoots won’t Sprain you if the attack is dodged
~ Pidgebees will fly away if you previously killed their Hive

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Version 0.8.08 (01/26/10)

Delay Issues
~ Adjusted server code to help with delay after accepting/completing a quest
~ Improved server code for completing a mission and accepting the next one
~ Gerard may update faster when talking to him

Glitches and Bugs
~ Silksnakes won’t pop off of their silk lines
~ New collision checks for Vine Fungus should make it easier to kill as Aeronauts
~ Adjusted Crag recoil to avoid getting stuck in corners
~ New Crag flail sprites
~ Profiles and Display Cases will now correctly show when a Nidarian Guard membership is expired
~ Fixed co-op problem where Ferric partners would appear to come off of the ceiling
~ Fixed getting stuck when attacked and being thrown through a doorway
~ Fixed issues with transitioning between rooms while dying
~ Fixed issue with Mission 2-10 if you leave the ground before turning on the replacement tube
~ Fixed issue with getting stuck on blank screen when dying in co-op
~ Fixed issue with projectiles giving status effects even when stunned/invincible
~ Fixed issue with scrambled “Abandoned” screen when a partner leaves at the end of co-op
~ Fixed co-op partner still showing your status effect
~ Fixed issue with emptying planter boxes sometimes still showing the plant or causing errors
~ Various typos fixed

Gameplay Changes
~ Expired quests (like Dailies) and abandoning a quest will now automatically remove quest-related items from your inventory
~ Hawthorn now sells extra Watering Cans for Brass (having issues, will add back in later)
~ Gerard can now brew a few fizzes for non-members
~ Added options to make 5 bags or 10 bags of compost at once
~ Added bonuses when purchasing Brass
~ Furniture Inventory when editing your Float is now grouped into stacks, and now uses multiple flipped pages instead of a scrolling single view
~ Co-op enemies remain as Level 1 enemies, so it’s the same difficulty and reward for both players
~ Cluster/Float Map now opens to a default viewing of all Floats, to easier sort by activity and rank across all Floats without needing to drill down into Clusters
~ Featured Float is now shown on all Float/Cluster maps instead of only the Cluster Map
~ Adjusted enemy drop system. On top of any enemy possibly dropping anything, certain Mimics will have an even higher chance of certain drops:

New Enemy Drop Key
Iron Ore: Rockbug, Pustosser, Quilltoad, Stinkstrider
Tin Ore: Rockrat, Hackworm, Mimitaur, Jellywog
Gold Ore: Bulkskin, Swampfoot, Stinger, Pale Steed
Copper Ore: Stiltskin, Snapshell, Mimipede, Rockhog
Silver Ore: Wallworm, Wallglider, Pidgebomber, Stinkbird
Zinc Ore: Hexaboar, Crawback, Boulder Bison, Matterhorn
Compost Scraps: Slugrat, Molecreep, Pidgefly, Catlick
Firewood: Blowgrub, Hivehat, Cactigrub, Hookbill
Empty Bottles: Pugcrawler, Grabrat, Snakehopper, Hazebug
Coal: Hellhopper, Firegrub, Bruinscale, Crescentwolf

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Version 0.8.09 (02/02/10)

Glitches and Bugs
~ Fixed issue with the Water Pump and opening the chat window while grabbing the Watering Can
~ Fixed issue with Watering Cans being lost when you empty a planter box
~ Various typos fixed

Gameplay Changes
~ When someone leaves you a Float message while you’re signed in, you will now see the “New Messages” bubble on your map
~ Added “Message” bubble above your Float display case when you have messages
~ Increased rope length for swinging/recoiling for Crags
~ Failing in a Mines “Darkness Run” will now start you outside the mines instead of the last checkpoint

Store Updates
~ New Bombradier and Flyright clothing for Aeronauts at Lana’s Clothing Emporium
~ New Stiltskin outfit at Lana’s Clothing Emporium
~ New Game Room and Grubskin furniture at Wystan’s Furniture Outlet
~ New Nature series from Aspen (Nidarian Guard only)
~ New Caverns series from Rusty (Nidarian Guard only)
~ New Steamphonic Instruments from Emma (Nidarian Guard only)
~ New Bulkskin output from Rusty (Nidarian Guard only)
Screenshots of the updates are on the Development Blog

~ New Mimicology quests from Cypress
~ New quest from Bandero Grit

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Version 0.9 (02/09/10)

Glitches and Bugs
~ Updated server code to help prevent lost items
~ Fixed bug with earning XP, where when a player levels past Level 30 and their membership ends, the level would stay the same but the XP would revert to max XP for a Level 30 character.

(NOTE: This fix only covers future issues, not players already affected. If you’ve been affected by this bug – with a character over Level 30 but with XP of 21970 – send us a bug report with the name of the character that’s affected so we can correct it)

Store Updates
~ Wystan: Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles to create your own designs
~ Wystan: New wallpaper added
~ Wystan: Heart Balloon (holiday, limited time!)
~ Lana: Scallywag clothing, Rockytop clothing
~ Lana: Love Ninja Outfit (holiday, limited time!)
~ Aspen: Stone patch and flower patch added to Nature theme (Nidarian Guard only)

~ Two new Mimicology quests from Cypress
~ New Enraged Hazebug Extermination for Nidarian Guard

~ Arbitrary version number jump

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Version 0.9.01 (02/16/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ More updates to server code to prevent lost items
~ Updated server code to speed up loading NPCs and accepting/completing quests if your character has lots of items in their inventory
~ Smarter “Use” button for items that won’t let you eat restoratives (and grays out) if you’re at max health, and will be grayed out for cures when you don’t have that Status effect
~ Can no longer throw away the Watering Can from the Items Menu
~ Chat Screens can now be navigated with your custom directional keys (used to only be arrow keys)
~ NPCs now show a “Daily” icon above their head if they only have daily quests, and will show the usual quest “Exclamation” icon when at least one of their quests is a new non-daily
~ Progress will be saved when starting Co-op Matchmaking while on the ground
~ Co-op Team-up Requests won’t appear on top when you’re chatting with an NPC or at Mission Deployment
~ Quilltoads, Harpoons, Wallgliders, and Bulkskins will now react when hit by a ranged weapon
~ Changed character loading/creating for Ground and Co-op, which may fix get stuck on “Loading Character”
~ Adjusted Golembombers to not glitch/dance

Store Updates
~ Wystan: New “Comfort” series of chairs, loveseats, and couches
~ Wystan: New Brass Dressers, additional Sewer Dressers, carpets, rugs, more Cog rugs
~ Lana: Sporemart Clothing, Blowgrub Caps, Firegrub Caps, Wintertusk Helmet
~ Aspen: Brazenhoof Helmets (Nidarian Guard only)
~ Emma: Cactigrub Caps (Nidarian Guard only)

~ Cypress: New Mimicology quests
~ Two new Enraged Exterminations (Nidarian Guard only)

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Version 0.9.02 (02/23/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ New file server for storage, and better system for down-time during updates and maintenance
~ Improved server code to help with town/co-op delays and slowness during heavy traffic
~ Updated Ferric controls, so you have to hold the directional key towards a wall to grab it, instead of just being next to it (fixes the “sticky claws” issue)
~ Menu shortcut keys will now close the menu if you’re on that screen
(Hit Q to open Quest Menu, hit Q again to close Quest Menu)
~ You can now squeeze into one-tile gaps around furniture in Floats
~ Improved Float seat code to prevent “broken” seats where no one can sit
~ Adjusted code for item drops, so quest drops shouldn’t get “stuck” when landing on sloped ground
~ Abandoning quests will now remove related items when abandoning from Floats and after login

Store Updates
~ Lana: Woodland clothing
~ Wystan: New couches, and limited-edition Blowgrub Plushy

~ Two new Mimicology quests
~ New Enraged Extermination (Nidarian Guard only)
~ Clampbright Deluxe Bronze Extermination (Nidarian Guard only)

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Version 0.9.03 (02/24/10)

Mainly patching up bugs caused by switching to the new server:

Bugs and Updates
~ Camera in Nidaria for Kong Avatars works again (even in Chrome!)
~ Page links in shops work again
~ Leaving a Float message from the Display Case works again
~ Visiting a Float set to “Friends Only” works again
~ Enraged Silksnakes now move faster
~ Clampbrights are now easier to kill when leveled up
~ Crags can no longer grab/recoil into Haze pockets
~ Font used in chat windows should no longer have odd spacing and cropped letters

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Version 0.9.04 (03/02/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ New file asset loading system with timeouts to help with players stuck when loading assets
~ Updated Ferric controls to prevent unwanted dashing, divebombing through doorways, and bunny hops
~ Furniture preview window in stores will now correctly show your wallpaper and flooring
~ Crags now have to hold the directional key towards a wall to grab on (same as previous Ferric update)
~ Can no longer open the menu while traveling between rooms (prevents broken rooms)

Store Updates
~ Wystan: Beds!
~ Lana: New Bombardier clothing colors
~ Lana: Swampfoot Mimicry outfit

~ New Mimicology Quests
~ Enraged Rockrat Extermination (Nidarian Guard only)

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Version 0.9.05 (03/09/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ New Tumble Roll for Ferrics (Down + Jump while on solid ground)
~ Fixed bug causing invisible plants (in effect after your current crop is grown)
~ Fixed bug with Quest BG0001 when jumping from a different world into a Mines checkpoint
~ Fixed bugs with Mines Darkness Runs while coated in Sporedust
~ Fixed bug with map-traveling occasionally jumping you to a room in the same world instead of to the selected world
~ Mod control adjustments, and mod icons for players in Nidaria and Floats
~ Fixed bug with Stepper Mushroom’s hanging core cancelling attacks when it wasn’t exposed
~ Improved speed for saving Floats
~ Fixed bug with Float Editor allowing you to grab items while opening the Furniture window (and getting extra furniture attached to your mouse/saved off-screen)
~ Enemy kills in co-op now count towards extermination quests

Store Updates
~ Lana: Bandero duster and hat
~ Lana: New Flyright clothing colors
~ Wystan: New flooring styles

~ New Mimicology Quests
~ Enraged Dewdrop Extermination (Nidarian Guard only)

Minor Update (version b)
~ Fixed bug with Ferric Tumble Roll and elevators
~ Fixed bug with Ferric Tumble Roll and attached enemies

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Version 0.9.06 (03/16/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ Faster browsing/sorting/searching Floats
~ Floats no longer let others in when they are full
~ Misc. bug-fixes

Store Updates
~ Lana: Shamrock clothing (limited time only!)
~ Lana: Calluan pants/boots, bandanas, hoods, and Brazenhoof helmet
~ Lana: New Rockytop and Scallywag clothing colors
~ Aspen: Minitaur Helmets and Moss Wall (Nidarian Guard only)
~ Rusty: Pipefitter clothing and extension for Caverns furniture (Nidarian Guard only)

~ New Mimicology Quests

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Version 0.9.07 (03/17/10)

Minor update with the following changes:

~ Water Pump now fills your watering can (or multiples all at once) quickly without needing to save
~ Victory chime when completing a mission or quest
~ Fixes for Vine haze-sprayer stepper in co-ops

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Version 0.9.08 (03/19/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ Fixed bugs with signing in from a Guest account
~ Fixed bug with older Floats not loading
~ Floats that haven’t been visited yet won’t show up when browsing/searching
~ Changes to prevent players stuck as silhouettes in Nidaria

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Version 0.9.09 (03/21/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ More fixes for Guest accounts not saving after logging in
~ Fixed freezing issue with Aeronauts dying while flying

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Version 1.0 (03/23/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ Fixed trophy-tracking bug with watering cans
~ Fixed missions becoming duplicated / not completing
~ Changes to prevent players from other Nidaria channels showing up on your screen

Store Updates
~ Wystan: New Posters (including limited-time Launch poster) and Plushy

~ New Mimicology Quests
~ Enraged Firegrub Extermination (Nidarian Guard Only)

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Version 1.0.01 (03/30/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ Quests with tallies (kill x Quilltoads, Collect x mushrooms, etc.) will now pop up a tally of your progress on-screen
~ Quests Menu redesigned to show current objectives and tallies for each quest all on the same screen, without needing to drill into each quest
~ Skill/Stamina Bar no longer visible for non-members
~ XP Bar added above health bar (if you’re not at max level)
~ Added additional spore rewards to main missions
~ Fixed issue with freezing when character lands in a floor doorway when dying
~ Nidaria: Other players’ characters won’t load while you’re walking, to cut down on lag/slowdown
~ Fixed freezing issue when viewing the Float Display Case of a user with no characters

Nidarian Guard Updates
~ Daily Quests for Nidarian Guard now offer double the Brass rewards
~ Golembombers will no longer re-spawn when you get caught
~ New Mimicology Sightings: Cinder Steed (starting Friday)

Store Updates
~ Lana: New Woodland clothing colors
~ Lana: Holiday bunny ears (limited time only!)
~ Wystan: Brass Lounge Fireplace and Wanted Poster
~ Wystan: Holiday egg and basket (limited time only!)
~ Rusty: Pipefitter Shoes (Nidarian Guard only)

~ New Ridgeback Highlands Quests! Check with Tesla, Vesper, or Bandero Grit for the first quests
~ Enraged Quilltoads and Enraged Pugcrawler Exterminations (Nidarian Guard only)
~ 3 New Mimicology Quests

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Version 1.0.02 (04/06/10)

Bugs and Updates
~ New Rolling Mill and Blast Furnace interfaces for faster crafting

Store Updates
~ Wystan: Gearlock theme and Lilac Fizz theme
~ Lana: Red Bombardier clothing
~ Lana: New hairstyles

~ 2 New Mimicology Quests
~ Enraged Wallglider Extermination (NG only)

Additional Minor Update:
~ After purchasing Nidarian Guard membership, the game will correctly show this on the Stats screen, unlock Spectra Circuit, new moves, etc. without having to log out and log back in

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Version 1.0.03 (04/13/10)

Store Updates
~ Lana: New Flyright and Fungicide clothing
~ Emma: Gold Ninja outfit (NG only)
~ Aspen: Scallywraith clothing (NG only)
~ Rusty: Red Bandero clothing (NG only)

~ Cypress: 2 New Mimicology Quests
~ Cypress: 1 New NG Mimicology Quest
~ Stanton: Enraged Grabrats, Rockbugs, and Batowls (NG only – completes Steamport Mimics)

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Version 1.0.04 (04/20/10)

Store Updates
~ Lana: New Rockytop and Pustosser Mimicry Outfit
~ Wystan: Campfire, torches, sleeping bags, and Nature series of furniture
~ Aspen: Oxstorm Helmets (NG only)

~ Cypress: 2 New Mimicology Quests
~ Stanton: Enraged Hellhoppers (NG only)
~ Wystan: New quest!

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Version 1.1 (04/27/10)

Game Updates
~ Weapons are added, which have different looks and different stat boosts
~ Weapon Mastery Level determines which level weapons you can equip (starting at 1)
~ Killing Mimics earns Weapon Mastery experience towards raising your equip level
~ Weapon Armory and Travis added to Nidaria
~ Stat Screen updated in the Main Menu to change and show weapons
~ Mimic kills while a weapon is equipped will now count towards a trophy for that weapon
~ Trophy Menu now opens to the last trophy you were viewing
~ Float windows are now transparent, showing moving clouds in the background
~ Tougher / leveled enemies will now drop more spores
~ Enraged enemies (NG only) will now drop items
~ Fixed a bug with quickly switching between floors in Floats
~ The “My Furniture” tab in the Furniture Store now groups your furniture (same for the Items menu)

Store Updates
~ Armory: 53 Aeronaut Weapons, 53 Ferric Weapons, 53 Crag Weapons (Weapon Levels 1-3)
~ Wystan: New Windows

~ Two new Mimicology quests
~ New quest from Otto von Tesla