[Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] So..... When can we expect an update? You know on all the problems?

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Ok so like you guys have read the forums.
The game is flawed,
it looks pretty and I bet it will play real nice.

Once its been patched that is.
So guys like whats the word?
When can we expect an update?
Does the developer realize the issues at hand?

Fix your shit, I wanna play.

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Op is a moron. Questions sorta awnsered at

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The game has only been out 3 days. Plus, they’ve done a couple noticable updates already since it’s been out:

-They removed the “Gift Gold” icon that wasn’t working

-They implemented a PM option that works when you open your friends list

The fact they’ve done those changes so soon after release tells me they’ll be fixing lots of problems shortly.