Council for Suns formed!

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Greetings everyone! =)

After carefully reviewing all the applications submitted we have chosen the council members. It is tentatively scheduled for us to all meet together the end of this month.

Here are your council representatives-

We look forward to meeting each one of you. Your voice as a community is very important to us, which is why we are forming this council to represent all of our players. We will also be discussing our future plans/ideas for the game with the council. We would like feedback for these ideas to help implement them in the most optimum way.

With our council, we can also discuss major game changes we are debating on before hand, to get their feedback first before implementing. This is a step in the right direction for Suns, and I am confident that it will be one of many to follow.

Congrats to our council members for being selected and for taking the time from your day to day routine, to help try and make our game better for all. And a huge thank you to everyone that applied. =)


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Thanks for choosing me to participate on the council I will be sure to represent the community to the best of my abilities as a whole :)


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Congratulations to everyone who was selected!

Coucil for Suns formed!

Grammatical error in the thread title.

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Thanks rivaL, fixed the spelling. =)

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Here is link to the council recap-

It summarizes the weekend we met and what we talked about. =)