Patch Notes: 02/15/2012 (locked)

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++ Weekly Sale
• Over 40% Off Mystery Packs!

++ Features
• How could this be possible?? It seems that the infestation didn’t die with the Colony…

“To hell with those UHW prats! Don’t know about you lot, but I’m not bloody well sitting around while they make a balls up of things. I’m getting into my ship, taking her to Bannon, and showing those alien buggers that they can’t turn a human colony into a Friday night on Novocastria without paying the damn price! Now, who’s with me?” — Captain ‘Ace’ Flashheart

• Four new “Lovely” Limited Items are now available on the Home and Shop pages.
• The amount of damage that the Legacy Forge procs has been increased.
• Sir Roderick has left our shop for another section of the galaxy (sadly he doesn’t know if he will ever return).

++ Bug Fixes
• Rylattu Abductor ship now procs all Officers.
• The ingredients used to create the Legacy Armor set are no longer subject to DR.
Rev .2099