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Hello world, I have a review on my new website that might interest you about my thoughts, I mean FACTS, on this game

Enjoy :)

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nice flameview. can we get somebody to shut this down? Most of the things she says are rather blatantly incorrect.

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Are you serious? I cant tell if you even left primary yet. Aside from the shitty review format, it looks like you haven’t even spent 5 minutes past the tutorial. Good job kid, you proved to the world you will never be a game reviewer.

I dont like this game myself, but your facts must have been pulled out of your ass.

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From IAmAStegohSorus’ pile of nonsense published on website so poorly made that it would be shameful even for kindergarten kid:
First off I would like to point out, and I say this in all my reviews

All your reviews? You mean there are other? Because I couldn’t see any other than this one.

Nothing is free in that game

I almost stopped reading right there. You’re just another idiot who desperately starves for attention and hates on energy-based games. Your parents don’t give you enough cash money? Boohoo, poor you (pun intended). In case you don’t understand, developers have to pay people for creating graphics (much better than another 2D boobs (another pun intended) in Dream World), they have to pay for servers, domain name, electricity to run those servers, food (unconfirmed, they might drain energy directly from internet like other geeks do) and still have some net income (creating games might be their hobby, but primarly it is their job). So yeah, they’re soooooo evil with their unreasonable demands. I mean who pays other people for doing their jobs? Do you pay for food in grocery store? Sure you don’t (your parents do), so why should you pay for game?
Grow up kid, find a job, stop posting lies and complete BS.
Oh, and BTW, 90+% of stuff, including best items, is free. Way to fail in your accusations.

You know why I didn’t stop reading? To point out all your mistakes and lies you call “facts”. I love smell of trashing idiots in the morning.

I swear to god if I see another nerd talking about their f*** character because all they did was spend f*** dumb ass coins using REAL money, I’m gonna blow my brains out.

Do you promise? In that case, let me tell you in most nerdy way imaginable about my awesome, cool and amazing character I got, you have no idea how cool he is. All thanks to credit card I stole from all 3 of my moms. This character is sooooo awesome Totally 1337 and I can pwn any n00b like you. QQ moar!

I won’t quote all your “thoughts” on raids because there’s more insults than actual words, but they’re HILARIOUS.

Raid link get spammed on Kong chat (…) so you have to mute everyone you see, but then you start having to post raids, which makes you look a spammer, and the others tell you to shut up but you’re not even spamming.

I almost cried from laughing. FYI, that’s what kong chat is for: sharing raid links. Only people who complain about link spam are those who don’t understand how this game works (and in very rare occasions rest of room when actual spammer posts 50+ colonels intead of using multiurl or similar site).

This game will f*** ban you for the f*** stupidest reasons known to man! Banned for being afk 3 times? F*** YOU!

Banned for being AFK. This is so stupid, I don’t even know how to respond. You’re officially the dumbest person I met on the internet. Congrats? Also, we finally know where this butthurt “review” (you clearly don’t understand what this word means, but we already established your inteligence level) comes from. You see dumbass, they have script that automatically detects speedhacking. Trying that is just plain stupid (which suits you rather well), so you got what you deserved.

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*Links to site
*Reads first 2 paragraphs
*Scrolls all the way down
*Report abuse for content that is otherwise inappropriate

I also wanted to fill an abuse for promoting violence but meh. If he wants us to make him blow his brains out, we can consider that more like mercy rather than violence :P

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What a wonderful review!