Titans Of Chains {recruiting}

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This is my very first alliance on this game so don’t go being a jerk about this alliance.


Head commander:Leads in wars and command troops.

Eclipse warriors: Same as assassins but can raid with big groups.

Sun warriors:Attacks in wars.

Sun defenders:Protects our bases and helps the newbies.

assassins:Private message me if u wanna be assassin but they destroy attack people on hit list if possible.

No being a jerk
No spamming
Doesn’t get reported
Is not in a current alliance

Must be level 5+ (yes it really low level i know).
Must be on one time every week.
Be active much as possible.
Must post once every 3 days(can post anything mature)


Head commander:
Eclipse warriors:

Sun warriors:

Sun takers:


Appication:(post in private message to be an assassin but post on thread if u wanna join in any other rank (only allowed to 5 Head commanders))

Hi I am (name here)
I am level (level here)
I am active (how long your active a week)
Thank you.

Hit list:
no one

no one

no one

history of wars:

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Should that stay the logo or should this be the new logo?