Patch Notes: March 21, 2012 (locked)

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++ Weekly Sale
• New expedition items have arrived!

++ Features
• Server and database upgrades to help reduce lag.
• Expeditions:
• The Expedition loot tables have been updated.
• Use the New Item Pack to don the garb of a heroic liberator or else wear the armor of a tyrannical conqueror.
• As always, please note how the packs work:
• Every time you purchase a pack you receive a single item from its loot table.
• In the case of the New Item Pack, you’ll never receive duplicate items unless you already own all the items in the pack.
• With Relic and Mystery Packs, however, you have a chance of receiving duplicates at any time.

++ Bug Fixes
• Fixed issue with ships over 20 crew size and officers over 6 slots not procing. Brutality, Rylattu abductor and other ships now work as intended. :)
• Jessica now functions correctly in any ship slot.
• Mask Vengeance should now properly be added to your Legendary achievement progress.
• Adjusted various loot tables for raids.
• Fixed the health and timer of Galactic Reaver to reflect being Epic difficulty. Loot is now also dropping correctly.
Rev .2325