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Dacnomaniacs now recruiting!

Pac-Man, Mascot and Honorary Member

Dacnomaniacs: People With The Insane Urge To Kill, Especially By Biting

Kieran/sevenscream Pacific time (UTC-8, -7 summer)
Wewps/67shorty Pacific time (UTC-8, -7 summer)
Velaroz/Velaroz Central time (UTC-6, -5 summer)
Violetta/toasty84 Eastern time (UTC-5, -4 summer)
islander/tightupperlip EET (UTC+2, +3 summer)

All levels welcome
Players under level 30 who have not been active in three days may be kicked
Players of any level who have not been active in a week may be kicked
Players who use bad tactics repeatedly, or tag small raids repeatedly, may be kicked (but don’t worry, we’ll explain this to you)
Officers can approve/deny applications, summon enemies, promote/demote/kick players, change the alliance announcement, and remove tactics from alliance raids.
Soldiers can approve/deny applications, summon enemies, and remove tactics from alliance raids.


LoTS Wiki
Fair Share/Optimal Damage Spreadsheet

Fair share is how much damage to do to a raid to pull your weight. Optimal or target damage is how much to get the most epic loot items per stam or honor.

On Alliance Raids

You join an alliance to get access to alliance raids, which is where you spend your honor. The first level of alliance raids are Gremlin raids. Like Void Killers and Telemachuses on the stamina side, the lowest level of raids are useful for high-level players for stat farming. A normal Krakak Swarm is better farming than a nightmare Telemachus. Normal Krakak Swarms should be constantly available for high-level players. If the Krakak Swarm is full or otherwise unavailable, a normal Infected Squad is still better farming than an NM Tele.

If you are a low-level player who needs to build your Gremlin, request an Infected or Saucers raid.

Small: Krakak Swarm, Medium: Infected Squad, Large: Flying Saucers

With stamina raids, you can jump right in to a high-level raid, and hope to get good loot. You can do this in alliance raids for some things too, but there is a main sequence to follow in alliance raids. To get the Legacy Armor you have to start at the bottom level and work your way up.

Small/Medium/Large/Epic raids all drop the same thing within a tier, except for Legacy. For instance, you can get the entire Archimedes set off Tourniquet 7 raids, you don’t necessarily need Kang or Flora. When you get to the Legacy tier you will need to check the wiki to request the right raid.

Raids labeled “small” only allow ten people in to play. It is very important that you only join a small raid if you can do a tenth of its HP bar in damage, and do it quickly. Failing to do your fair share is called “tagging”, and if you keep it up you will be kicked from the alliance.

Small: Kang, Medium: Ruoymes’ Death Flora, Large: Tourniquet 7

Archimedes Mark II
Small: Crossbones, Medium: Mr. Justice, Large: Rylattu Exterminator, Epic: Lurking Horror

Archimedes Mark III
Small: Colonel Mustard, Medium: Grislak, Large: Peacemaker 500, Epic: Ship of the Damned

Archimedes Mark IV
Small: Professor Squid, Medium: Qin Legion, Large: Kaltharan Devourer, Epic: Mecha-Wyrm

Small: Terminus Death Squad, Medium: Terminus Interceptor Squadron, Large: Terminus Juggernaut, Epic: Genesis

Medium: Luna, Medium: Trashmaster Colby, Large: Legacy Bot, Epic: Shadows of the Void

On Tactics

The best tactics are the EdC chain. That’s Esprit de Corps, Suppressive Fire, Flank Attack, and Preparation. If you don’t have these tactics you should do everything you can to get them, probably in the order below.

Suppressive Fire you can buy in the shop once you complete Zone 1.

Flank Attack is an epic drop off the stamina raid CC Cruiser (any difficulty).

Preparation is an epic drop off the alliance raid Peacemaker 500 (nightmare difficulty only).

Esprit de Corps is an epic drop off the stamina raids Vulture Gunship or Commander Veck (any difficulty).

Many useful and wonderful tactics, such as Better to Receive, are only available through expeditions, meaning you spend Golden Suns and try to get lucky. Those tactics are great if we have them, but you can’t expect them.

New people are welcome in this alliance, so Pursuit of Excellence will be looked upon with mercy, though the EdC chain is more important than PoE. All other tactics will be exterminated ruthlessly, unless there is a very good reason not to do so. Please don’t place tactics unless you know what they do.

You cannot share stamina raid links in alliance chat because they are too long. Go to a link shortener like tinyurl.com or bit.ly to share stam raids. Or just post them here, surprisingly few people use Kong forums to share or look for raid links.

And use this thread or alliance chat to ask your questions. Remember: there are no stupid questions, only stupid tactics.

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We’re out of the charter stage! We’re for realzies! :D

Everybody who signed the charter comes in at rank Soldier automatically, and I’ve given soldiers the rights to approve/deny application, summon enemies, and remove tactics. That should get the alliance moving, I think.

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join us now….

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Oooh one more step in our plans of world domination!

Dacnomaniacs now has a Chatzy room! Yaaay!

Look in in-game alliance chat for URL. :D

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ahhh the sweet life of playing video games

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I had a vision last night.

Maniacs. Maniacs everywhere.

I get really boring visions.

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In a related note, we’re preparing to launch our first Wahsh Al-Sahraa.

Get on board quick, if you want to see what the new alliance raid has to offer.

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That is funny because I played on the wazzup meme. See? He told “Wahsh up” and I interpreted as wazzup. See?

Proudly killing jokes for 5 straight years.

Ok, I’ll shut up now.

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Slightly less off topic. We’ve just killed our first Wahsh and passed the 50 members landmark.

We’re still looking for active members.

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i just realised how scary that pacman picture really is o.o

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I just saw Greg lurking in room 2.

This maybe — just possibly — means this game will be getting badges and frontpage splash, which means a lot of new players and badge hunters. Every alliance is going to need an active core, especially ones like this one that accept players of all levels.

So I’m looking to turn members into soldiers and soldiers into officers. Have people noticed how active you are in the alliance? Have we spoken in the alliance chatzy? Are you in an under-served time zone? We need people at different longitudes.

If you think you should be promoted, contact me privately. Send me a private message through Kong or on my LoTS profile. Make sure you’ve read and understood everything in this post, and that we have basically similar ideas of how things should work.

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Dacnomaniacs are still welcoming new recruits. :D

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still accepting new recruits =]

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We went past the 80 members mark and we’re still going strong.

European or Asian players that have BTR are particularly needed. You’d have the opportunity to advance quickly in the ranks.

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Pacman wants you! To join Dacnomaniacs. Today.

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still recruiting- and im an officer now :P

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My center cannot take it anymore, I have cried for you a good cope, and now I want to be without you.

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Always willing to accept more, especially those close to BST in timezone’s (because i get lonely during the day :( )

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I had no idea you had to pay to have more than ten people in a Chatzy at once. Here I thought people were getting banned for bad behavior. XD

So now we’re on IRC! There’s a quicklink in the alliance announcement for a webclient to our new chatroom.

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In addition to that- i have ultimate power on the IRC so come join >:)

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bump :P

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If you’re looking for an alliance to join, we’re still welcoming new recruits.

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STILL HERE and explanding, so we had room for some promotions also.

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We do legendary Wahsh!
Also, I notice that info about tagging is not added yet.

New players may just go into raids for some common/uncommon drop loot. I know this is what happened when I went in and clogged up a Death Squad raid… along with three or four others. ._.

Putting the info up would prevent some of this from happening, as newbies still don’t realize dealing FS is essential to getting anything worthwhile crafting-wise.