WHY IS EVERYONE SPAMMING??? a helpful explanation

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If you’re new to LoaTS, you’re probably pretty perplexed by the chat. Why does everyone spam so much? Why do people thank them? Why didn’t that mod even DO anything?

Actually, those raids are an integral part of the game. To improve your character’s attributes and level up often, the best strategy is to do a moderate amount of damage in as many raids as you possibly can. There is no mechanism within the game for sharing links, so users really have to share them in chat.

The good news is that sharing the raids and working on them together is actually pretty fun, and a great way to get to know your fellow players (and hopefully earn their respect as a stand-up individual who knows their stuff).

A note specifically for visiting mods: Please don’t silence people for sharing raids. It’s not at all unusual for someone to share 75-100 raids in fairly quick succession, and it’s not actually spam because each raid is different and also useful. In the unlikely event that one person is sharing the same link over and over, you can warn and silence or just encourage other players to mute the person. See the thread in the mod forum if you have more questions.