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brothers and sisters.
no objection to men, in english language mankind/human is just so much about Man.

But really, add Sisters to it or… ..well, no clue right now for an “or”, but I will find something

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Vulture GUnship NM, 50 man raid, come get EDC :)

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Update for 8/3/2012
26 members
More than half of the members are over lvl 100. :)
Majority of members have EDC chain tactics :)
Doing well so far :)

Many of the members are reaching zone 9 within the game and with Zone 9 comes certain requirements for the missions.
This is a breakdown of where to find these item requirements so you’re not stuck wondering what to do:
Node 1: Aphrodite (General Lab experiment – z6 raids – ), Palax Jerobar – (Sun Xi’s Echo – NM only ), Neesha Jerobar (Lupin – Leg or NM)

Node 2: Novocastrian Armor sets (Mr. Justice – Leg, Rylattu Exterminator – Leg, Crossbones Squadron – Leg, Lurking Horror – Leg), Mecha-Drake (Mecha-Drake – N)

Node 3: Raiyama (Warmaster Besalaad Mission Boss – Not guaranteed drop, might take multiple tries), Cybersmash special (Natasha Cybersmash – NM)

Node 4: Mycroft (General Lab Experiment), Anita (Rylattu Exterminator – NM), Katrina Malkov (Terminus Death Squad – NM)

Node 5: Rautha’s Head (Robotic Rautha – NM)

Node 6: Contella Assassin (Scarlot Harlot, Agony and Ecstacy, and Mercury raids – N or higher)

Will be updated/editing this as I go

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Herp Derp, missed the Mission Boss requirements for Z9.1
5x Deathflora gun (Besalaad raid – NM)
5x Snuuth Obliterator (Warden Ramiro and Sun Xi’s Echo – N)
5x Alien Energy Blaster (Munitions factory, Blood Alley, Kelovar Assassin, and Natasha Cybersmash – N)
Happy hunting

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Could use a hand on this Vespasia guys, still trying to get that Antimatter whip! Thanks!

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We still have spaces available Kongregate people! Apply today if you’re tired of fighting alone!

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It’s discussion time Wardens. So far we’ve been working on the basis of applying raids here and there as asked for. I’ve not heard any complaints and we use a similar system in West Kruna so if everything is shiny with the way things are being done then that’s fine.

But I do think we could be a little more vocal in how all of us, officers, soldiers or just good old hard working members can make this guild the best in LOTS, those of you from DOTD already know how we went from being the new kids on the block to one of the most frequently applied to guild and I believe we can do it again.

Our priority has to be recuitment. We need more Wardens to help with tougher Alliance raids and to to stop us from hogging all the badass-ness to ourselves.

So I want to hear suggestions.

No power in the ’verse can stop us


P.S In case you haven’t noticed we’re a Firefly friendly alliance!

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Well, everybody knows I am not as present in this Guild like the one in DotD. So I admit I can’t offer here right now much to the Discussion.
Apart from, with all differences asaid, Ghost does a pretty good Job here.

And that would be, I think, a Point. I think we should have an official Co-Leader in our Guild.
I nominate Ghost of course.

Why? ..ahm, why I nominate him is pretty clear I think^^ High Level, very hard working here and knows the Game.
Why a Co-Leader? I think that will put more weight in his Decisions and well.. Also Player will have a official second Spokesperson..
I think it can only benefit the Guild.

Next Point
With a Raid-Plan or so, I do admit I am pretty far behind. Maybe we should just categorise which Raids are hard very hard hitting: Like Genesis, and which we can’t do right now, like Wash NM, or which swallows a bit to much Honor right now, to be very effective, Celebration Bot.

If wanted, this is something I could probably do. This is something I can offer do try to find out.
Otherwise I would say, we aren’t doing to badly?
Just needing Members, maybe Chat-Ads or so? We could also try to have an Banner here, because the one in DotD is awesome and it would be a pretty good selling Point? Problem is probably here, trying to get Players.. that the Game has fewer Players and many have already Guilds…

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I agree with Elyanley about a co leader and to be honest I think Ghost has been extremely dedicated to the Alliance and I would be more than happy to make his position as a Co leader official if he agrees, I can’t see anyone disputing this.

Secondly I think a banner is an excellent idea! Do we have anyone in the Alliance who could undertake such a project?

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I’m having trouble getting the riddlemaster 3 for the whip to drop, I’m following the wiki but so far no dice. Anyone got any tips?

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HI guys, im new here and every alliance ive tried has turned me down :(.so could u please accept me. im lvl 16 right now but leveling fast,very active and will help in all raids

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Wardens Assemble!
As I have said already in the Alliance chat, from this point on I’m putting a cap on raids of no more than 4 at a time. This comes from a disproportionate amount of raids being summoned for the level of members there are to hit it, Ghost has been wading in softening them all up but I don’t want his game time to be spent wading through needless raids. With this in mind it might be useful to try and look for a larger, sponge raid if you’re looking to burn honor or log a request if you need a certain raid throwing up. The cap stands at 4 for now but this MAYBE will go up or down depending on how this goes.

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Could really use a hand on this NM Pox guys

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The Night Wardens are recruiting! There’s a whole galaxy out there to shoot at, why not do it in style! Experienced Alliance with no level cap, friendly members and occasional FTL drag race. Apply now before the fleet moves without you!

The ’verse can be a rough place and no one knows this better than The Night Wardens. Legends tell that the Wardens were once peerless warriors who protected the ancient earth. Things certainly have changed…

Commander Warlord was probably drunk when he heard this story, I mean you’d have to be right? To hear some wild yarn about some guys with swords back in the day and think “Hell, I could do all that!” with a ship he’d won (or stolen, his memory wasn’t to good on the subject) in a high stakes card game on some backwater moon and list of former war heroes, Mercs and dried up bounty hunters with not enough fuel to get anywhere worth going.

What he did have was Elyanley, Requiem and Elysia, three of his most loyal captains from back in the war when his title of ‘Commander’ was more than a sarcastic reminder of the past and a few other folks loyal, crazy, or desperate enough to join up with him.

And so that’s how a Mercenary/Bounty Hunter/Floating Junk pile became the ‘The Night Wardens’ with nothing more than their ships, there guns and a desire or the finer things in the galaxy (food and fuel to start with) fighting their way through the cosmos, collecting Bounties and beating the odds more than a few times to carve themselves a place in the big bad galaxy.

The Wardens fleet may not be pretty and we may not be huge, but we get the job done and never back down from a fight

It’s like Commander Warlord says:

“Not enough fuel, not enough creds but ALWAYS enough ammo!”

We are The Night Wardens, come fly with us…and bring a bottle.

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As the Centurion troops surround him, laser rifles humming as they trained their barrels on him, Warlord realised he’d broken his own most important rule. He’d come on a job sober.

Looking back he should have known something was wrong from the start. Cleaning up rogue asteroid fields at some deeps space Collective station shouldn’t have come with that hefty a pay day but Warlord had just put it down to the Collective’s reputation, with all that tech and all that money he’d just assumed that they were lazy enough and rich enough to farm the job out but a few hours of work later here he was surrounded by troops, he came expecting payment and got a death squad.

The Universe throws these kinds of days at you if you wonder out into it without a drink or two under your belt.

Elyanley was at his side as cool as usual, if the armed Centurion’s bothered her she didn’t show it, Warlord knew that she would be looking for weaknesses, chinks in the troopers armour, environmental hazards, and possible distractions. Stuff that would be useful if they survived this encounter. Warlord sighed as he realised that he’d broken two rules this day and that this one was a lot older and made a lot more sense than his own.

Never bring a sword to a gun fight.

The green energy blade hissed into life, snaking out from the hilt hidden in his fist and crackled its way through the air and across the torso of the nearest Centurion, the blade cut through the armour like butter, he drew back and thrust it into the next trooper who barely had time to pull the trigger on his fancy laser rifle before he joined his friend on the cold steel floor. Behind him Elyanley used the distraction to free her pistol from its holster, the heavy Kalaxian blaster firing a stream of blue energy into the other two as she reached for her Sai and armed herself ready for the reinforcements.

Warlord, cursing at their lack of time skipped the looting of the soldiers and instead grabbed his Manhunter Blaster and checked in with their ride out of there.

“You out there Lys?”

“It’s Elysia and yes” came the annoyed response through his comms.

“The deals gone sour, get back to the fleet and tell them to start arming up, we’re gonna need a hell of a light show if this goes sideways!”

“What about you and Elyanley, you don’t want a pick up!”

Elysia was one hell of a pilot, but Warlord suspected that the station would soon be launching its defensive fighters, if they hadn’t already and right now getting the fleet ready was the priority.
“We’ll take my ship back to the Archon and regroup there, you’d better get moving before they get those gun towers online”

The only response Warlord got was the click of Elysia severing comms. Now the trifling matter of getting to the ship in one piece. Warlord and Elyanley took off, following their original route through the station, if memory served, they’d have to go through the dining hall to get to where the Mako was docked. Sprinting down the featureless grey metal corridors, the two mercenaries levelled their weapons as the dining hall doors blew open and reinforcements began pouring out ahead of them, their pistols rang out dropping several off them as their own armour, scavenged from previous missions clanged and buzzed as the laser pulses bounced almost harmlessly off their shields. A few centurions who had made it through the blaster fire found themselves quickly cut down by Elyanley’s Sai as a troopers Shock baton was parried by Warlord before its wielder took a blaster shot to the helmet and it clattered noisily to the ground. The reinforcements dealt with for now the pair clattered through the dining halls double doors and after sweeping the room for hostiles moved up, Elyanley’s eyes constantly looking for any threat whilst Warlord’s looked out for any easy to reach bottle, when this was over he’d need a drink.

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The Night Wardens are now recruiting, join today and be part of a fun, friendly and experienced guild

Finding neither bottle nor enemy the two emerged to the temp docking port. Warlord tapped on his wrist console bringing up the security controls for the craft and hastily typing in the access code, no sooner had he punched in the last digit than a hail of machine gun fire ricocheted around him, as Elyanley returned fire he swiped his finger across the holographic interface on his wrist and bought the external cannons online. The bellowing cannon fired a short volley that scattered the attackers, giving time enough for the two to board the ship.

Warlord slid into the pilots seat and started whatever take off systems hadn’t started up automatically, giving the console a whack when necessary or when it looked like something was powering down (one day he’d finally replace those faulty couplings) Elyanley sat down in the co pilots chair and started to pull up the shields and weapon systems, she had her own ship back with the fleet but too many hasty exits from deals gone bad had caused her to pick up on the Mako’s subsystems with relative ease.
“Elysia, where’s my fleet!”

“Commander, this is Requiem. Elysia gave us the sit rep. The Archon’s coming into firing range now; we’re ready to fire once you’re clear.”

“Negative, get the ships ready to move, we’ll take care of the base.”

“You got a plan?” came the confused response

“Or something just enough like one, Warlord out.”

The Archon’s firepower was impressive, even more so if Requiem was on the bridge but even a command carrier would have trouble taking this big a station out before their defences bought down some of the fleet. The Mako was a small fighter designed for hit and runs but if everything went to plan, they wouldn’t need that much fire power anyway.

“Plan B?” Elyanley asked, not able to stop a smile from forming despite the danger.

“If Spyder’s calculations hold up, then yeah, Plan B”

The ship disengaged just in time, with the regrouping Collective soldier’s gun fire hammering against the hull. Warlord pulled down on the thrusters and was pushed back in his chair as the fighter tore its way out of the docking bay. Things were no better outside as the roar of the stations guns came in through his implant and thick red bolts flashed ahead of him through the cockpit window.

“Spinning up hyperdrive…” Elyanley called from his side her eyes not leaving the display.

“Not yet, we’ll need the power for the guns.” Warlord shouted back.

“We can’t do both?” Elyanley asked in disbelief

“Not until I get the reactor fixed”

Elyanley sighed and started priming the weapons as Warlord continued to weave the craft through the enemy fire. He resisted the urge to tell his co pilot to hang on thinking she must be bored of hearing him say it by now and flipped the ship till it faced the station and the attacking cannons head on and started his attack run. He really hoped Spyder’s calculations were correct.

“Requiem here, Hyperdrive is ready to go, the fleet can jump as soon as you’re back”

“…and not a second before! Do me a favour and give us some covering fire on the east towers, you won’t take them out but it’ll buy us some time”

“You got it. Light ‘em up!” Requiem roared as the Archon’s cannons began began to fire.

Requiem’s covering fire stung some of the defence towers; they would have to recalibrate to hit him at this distance, which meant more time for the Mako. The ship continued on what must have looked like a suicide run straight at the station, Warlord waited until the front cannons were lined up with his ship before yanking on the controls and pulling the ship hard to the right narrowly avoiding a volley of laser fire. He had been surprised when the Collective turned on him, but not that surprised, not surprised enough that he didn’t install a little fail safe in the asteroid field they were supposed to be blasting. Training his cannons on the asteroid with the device on it, he said one last prayer that Spyder knew what he was talking about and fired upon the asteroid at full magnitude before spinning the ship and racing back to the Archon as the volley hit the marked asteroid.

The hidden explosive device detonated as the huge space rock cracked, sending fragments of smaller rock hurtling into the station, they watched from the monitor as the station was racked with the debris before the chain reaction Spyder had been so confident of kicked in sending the rest of the field hurtling into the stations artificial gravity well.
It was almost worth staying to watch as the station began to fall apart, but Warlord resisted the urge and docked with the Archon, secured the docking equipment and powered the engine down.
“Punch it!” He shouted over his comms, he’d barely finished the order when the ships sensors lit up and told him they were already jumping. The trip was a rocky one, state of the art ships had repulsor fields that could make a hyperdrive jump feel like strolling through a meadow but this was nowhere near a state of the art ship and so when the Archon finally finished it’s jump the smaller docked craft juddered as it came to a stop.

Warlord sighed and smiled despite his self. He had no idea where the fleet had jumped to and he’d just made an enemy of one of the largest organisations in the galaxy but right now he was alive. He pulled his hipflask up and took a swig. Wherever they were was bound to have pirates that needed blasting or bounties that needed collecting and as for the collective…

…well, they had gotten what they’d paid for.

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The Night Wardens are now recruiting, any player is welcome regardless of level cap! We’re an experienced and friendly Alliance looking to expand

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The Night Wardens are now recruiting, any player is welcome regardless of level cap! We’re an experienced and friendly Alliance looking to expand

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The Night Wardens are now recruiting, any player is welcome regardless of level! We’re an experienced and friendly Alliance looking to expand!

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The Night Wardens are now recruiting, any player is welcome regardless of level! We’re an experienced and friendly Alliance looking to expand!

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The Night Wardens are now recruiting, any player is welcome regardless of level! We’re an experienced and friendly Alliance looking to expand!

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Um… You might want to ease off the bumps. Five identical posts in a row is usually grounds for mod action.

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Gosh! I’d better find something original to post, just to prove that I am indeed human

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Chapter 2: Falling without style

There was a reason that no one used Jet packs anymore. Warlord was learning this to his cost as the thrust boots he’d strapped him to lurched him over the gap between the two rooftops, sparks flying from its heels and a terrible grinding sound as he landed, barely keeping his balance on the rain slick asphalt before taking off in a sprint again. The Heads up display in his helmet zoomed in on the city streets, there still pushing and racing its way through the crowded slums was their target and perhaps more importantly, the package. A few buildings away Shepherd managed to pull off a more graceful landing and took off, branching off and keeping his eyes always on the side streets, the target was well connected, if they had some sort of back up in store the guys at street level would need to know about it.

Elysia and Spyder were hot on the trail, instinctively ducking and weaving trying to aim for the gaps in the thronging crowd that the mark had already pushed aside , the crowds themselves didn’t seem bothered by the sprinting criminal or the two heavily armoured pursuers. Elysia had slung her conquerors shield across her back and now only carried her whip, powered down for the moment, but ready to spring into life if she got within lashing distance of the package. Beside her Spyder ran, his heavy plated boots pounding the concrete, he pulled his blaster from its holster, if things went bad all he could hope for was a clear shot and that his target was as reluctant to endanger civilians as he was. “We still have her in visual, she’s running straight ahead. Why isn’t she using the side streets?”

Warlord continued to run across the roofs; he couldn’t see the target, only the moving reticule on his HUD telling him she was gaining a lead on the two
“She wants the cover of the crowd” Warlord shouted almost out of breath into his comms “that stealth armour can’t be much good in a stand up fight.”

“Visibility is bad, the crowds too thick. I’m gonna try and get us some breathing room” Spyder replied, as soon as his comms clicked off Warlord could hear gunfire from down below and the tell tale sparks of plasma firing into the air, below the crowd parted, some ducking others throwing themselves out of the way as Elysia and Spyder began the chase anew. They could see ahead of them the woman had sped up, no longer shielded by civilians, approaching a dead end ahead the female vaulted over a burnt out hover car, twisted herself in mid air and in a blur had sent a small volley of laser fire at the two Wardens, the blasts wouldn’t have been fatal even if they had connected but they served their purpose well, as the two dodged the fire they recovered just in time to see their attacker fizzle into thin air with what they could only imagine was a smirk under her thick mask.

“Damn! She’s got some kind of cloak on her, why the hell didn’t we know about it!?” Elysia cursed over the comms.
“Take it easy Lys, this way we can hold out for more money.” Warlord quipped coming to a stop above the two “You and Spyder split up and take an alleyway each, we’ll call when we know something worth knowing.”

“My name is Elysia!” came the angry response but Warlord was too busy opening a new comm channel to respond
“Elyanley, you hearing me? We need a fly over the slums; she’s got some kind of cloaking device on her.”

Warlord instinctively ducked as Elyanley responded by plunging the ship down to roof level and screeching past him, the small ships engines perfect for navigating this kind of low altitude manoeuvring as she flew past a small hiss and a thud announced Shepherds presence as he landed beside Warlord at the roofs edge.

“Never according to plan is it?” He asked regaining his breath and drawing his weapon
“What, you’d rather be sweeping up back on the Archon?”
“I’d take a good solid broom over these pea shooters” He said holding up one of the phasing lasers Spyder had modified for the team, the client had been very clear, they brought this one in alive or not at all. Whatever she’d done she’d gotten some very wealthy people riled up.
“Elyanley, where is my bounty?” Warlord yelled over comms, they couldn’t let this one get away.

“I’ve got her! She’s heading towards some sort of power source, it’s getting bigger by the minute, I think she’s got a ship stowed away somewhere!”

Shepherd frowned “If that info leaves the planet we lose our pay day.”

“There’s more…” Elyanley continued nervously I’m picking up signal interference, I’ve nearly lost comms with the ground team, I think they’re wondering into some kind of remote jammer network, unless someone just happened to leave this tech lying out in the rain…”

“…They’re walking into a trap!” Warlord finished grimly. His thoughts raced, he had no way of knowing what kind of mess Elysia and Spyder were about to run in on and if the target reached her ship…well they had staked too much in this to walk away with nothing.

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You know the drill! Come an Join The Night Wardens, players of any levels are welcome here!