Patch Notes: July 25, 2012 (locked)

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  • New Raid: Quiskerian Temple
    • Francois Dupont, the UHW’s secretary-general, was proud of himself when he arranged permission for human archaeologists to excavate Ciaxia. That world was one of the first colonized by the Quiskerians, and became their most important religious center — home to many significant places of worship. And though the species was wiped out long ago, their territory annexed by the Huk-Kral, they’ve always been of interest to scholars due to their history with mankind. Hence the opportunity to study their ancient temples was too good to pass up. Now the archaeologists’ ship is sending out a distress call. The last thing its crew heard before losing contact with them was screaming. What lurks in the temple they were exploring?
    • This is a small type general raid with 25 slots for participants.
    • You must craft the raid’s essence in the lab page with the following ingredients: 1 Orange Starmap, 5 Purple Travel Journals, 10 Blue Energy Spheres.
    • The raid’s loot tables contains two new armor sets: Quiskerian Priest and Quiskerian Warrior sets.
    • The Quiskerian Warrior set can be upgraded into the Quiskerian Invader set when combined with the Rylattuu Ultra-Power Doom Sphere in the lab.
    • This is the first raid in Legacy of a Thousand Suns to have Fusion Crystals in its loot table, which are components needed to upgrade equipment in the Fusion Depot. Please see Fusion Depot in the next section of the patch notes for more information.
  • Fusion Depot
    • You now have the ability to strengthen the attack and defense stats of your equipment via the Fusion Depot!
    • You will need to acquire and use Fusion Crystals for this process; these can be found in the Quiskerian Temple raid’s loot table.
    • The Fusion Depot can be found in the player’s profile screen.
    • When in the Fusion Depot screen, double-click on a weapon to load it into the Item slot; afterwards, select “Fusion Crystal” from the Slot drop-down menu and double-click on a colored Fusion Crystal.
    • Once the slots have been loaded with their appropriate object, click on the “Fuse Item” button to enhance the attack and defense values of your equipment.
    • There are a few things to take into consideration: one crystal is consumed in the process each time you fuse an item, fusion upgrades affect the entire stack of equipment, and you cannot upgrade utilities in the Fusion Depot.
    • Each crystal has their own minimum/maximum bonus values that they’ll give to an item’s attack and defense, with higher crystal rarities producing greater results.
    • You can craft an Orange Fusion Crystal using 1 of each colored Fusion Crystals — Brown, Grey, Green, Blue and Purple.
    • Fused items worn by your Galaxydome team will be taken into the Galaxydome power calculations.
    • Fused items are not taken into Skirmish calculations for now; target to have them calculated is for next week’s build, where there will be a new leaderboard standing for Skirmishes.

Bug Fixes

  • Made adjustments to realigned items:
    • Bubble Helmet: Now 11 Attack and 19 Defense.
    • Slaughterhouse 10: Now 42 Attack and 38 Defense.
    • The Hat’s Gloves: Now 82 Attack and 81 Defense.
    • Stealth Warrior Boots: Now 74 Attack and 79 Defense.
    • Stealth Warrior Mask: Now 74 Attack and 79 Defense.
  • However, Space Pirate and Security Armor pieces are at their correct values, since they’re acquired from different parts of the game.
  • Fixed exp given for Zone 9 mission “Holy War” NM to 78 exp instead of 75 exp.
  • Fixed the proc damage of the Hyperspace Hero set against Organic Humanoid raids.

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