Patch Notes: September 12, 2012 (locked)

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  • New Grab Bag: Lunatic Lottery Vault
    • An all new Grab Bag is available in the shop, which contains new and powerful items to aid you in battle.
    • Please note that you have the chance to obtain the following from the Lunatic Lottery Vault: 1 Officer OR 1 Ship OR 2 crew OR 1 Utility OR 1 Unique Crew.
    • Contains two new officers: Lunatic Klib and Lunatic Snaprax.
    • Lunatic Klib will proc extra damage against Organic Humanoids and Mechanized raids, while Lunatic Snaprax deals extra damage against Organic Humanoids and Psychic raids.
    • The vault also contains 2 new crew members: Lunatic Cutter and Lunatic Llama, whose attack and defense stats increase from their appropriate synergy bonuses with either Lunatic Klib or Lunatic Snaprax being active in a ship.
    • Do note that you will receive Lunatic Cutter and Lunatic Llama crew members in quantities of 2.
    • New utility – Lunatic Cria, with a chance to do proc damage against Organic Humanoids, Psychic and Mechanized raids only, while its proc power grows for every Lunactic Cutter, Lunatic Llama and Lunatic Cria items owned.
    • Luntic Lottery Ship is available, which is a powerful vessel that procs damage on an expedition level, and does additional proc damage against Organic Humanoid and Ship raids; proc damage increases when either of the Lunatic crew and officers are active in the ship.
    • There is a chance to acquire the following Unique Crew, which are Premium Items: Gunmaster Jessica, Quarg Ral Flek, and Captain ‘Ace’ Flashheart.
  • Zone 12 has Arrived: The Prince and the Pixels
    • Follow Telemachus and his whacky adventures in an all new zone!
      The zone breakdown follows the same template as Zone 11, which contains 4 missions and 1 boss.
    • For those that are wondering, there is no guaranteed end of zone item from the Zone 12 NM mission.
    • We will release a hotfix as soon as possible which will fix the NM achievement bug for this zone 11 and 12.
  • New Limited Offer Items available in the shop
    • The Swordmaster’s Sight trinket completes the Swordmaster set.
    • The winners of the last Legendary item hunt contest have been awarded with their appropriate lore-based items.
    • Decrypter’s Armor: Chance for substantial bonus damage only against Alliance raids. Chance to generate select Intellect crew: Robot Elf and Robo-Doc at low chance; Interrogator, Nerd Revenger, Pirate Hunter, Waplon, Tinkerer and Rylattu Thrill Seeker at a standard chance.
    • Flashheart’s Love Pants: Chance to proc damage against Mechanized and Female raids. Chance to generate select Robot crew: Cybersmashette, Robot Elf and Robo-Doc at low chance; Mummy, Zombie, Steel Dragon, Steel Viper and Shere Khan at a standard chance.
    • Trendsetter’s Boots: Chance to proc damage or heal the player at a higher rate; small chance to either proc damage twice or heal twice. Chance to generate select Healer crew: Cybersmashette, Robot Elf, Robo-Doc at a low chance; Galassa Surgeon, Organ Harvester, Minion Repairer, Black Angel and Psionic Healer at a standard chance.
    • Please note that the crew from the 3 aforementioned Limited Offers will not be updated in the future to drop different crew members.
  • Cosplay Contest Continues!
    • Dress up as your favorite Legacy of a Thousand Suns character and win a prize!
    • Winners will receive 200 Golden Suns and 50 Red Fusion crystals.
    • Entries will be accepted until 0.01am GMT on Wednesday, September 19.
    • More info can be found Cosplay Contest post at the official Legacy of a Thousand Suns forums.

Fixes and Changes

  • Greatly Increased the drop chance for the following items to assist with Zone 9 requirements: Palax Jerobar, Katrina Malkov, Ajax, Snuuth Shark Ship, Sian Dragon Fighter, Imperial Sword Ship and the Shaoqin.
  • Laser Fodder is now a guaranteed drop at the end of Zone 3 Nightmare.

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