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Dacnomaniacs now recruiting!

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Pictures make everything better.
We’re baaack. Not that we were ever gone, really. Nomnomnom~
So we finally got our affairs in order. Kieran was a great leader, and a few of the regulars know that we’ve been floating around leaderless for a while. Looked like he wasn’t coming back, so we eventually decided to put someone in the leader seat. (points at self)
I’m using parts of his old post as a frame to form this updated version.

We aren’t a renowned farming alliance. But it’s a community where all are welcome, and raids go down fairly quickly. Strong players, a good crew above 500, our officers and soldiers make sure raids are up and try to answer relevant questions.
We do, however, have an offsite chat for private raids and alliance chat.

All levels welcome.
Members who are fairly inactive (couple of weeks without notice) may be cleared to make room.
Members who use bad tactics repeatedly, or tag small raids repeatedly, may be booted.
Kongregate chat is the fastest way to get answers – there’s usually an active player willing to help out. Use this thread or alliance chat for alliance-related questions.
“Remember: there are no stupid questions, only stupid tactics.” – Kieran
Don’t be afraid to request raids, we’ll do the best we can to help.

Work in progress. Pardon the dust. coughs

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We created a new recruitment thread because we are under a new lead. Hail to the mighty Kip, our new leader. I approve this is a good alliance. The people here helped me to find my way from the beginning to level 850-ish.

We are looking for all active players. Don’t hesitate to apply. In case of questions, write here or ask me in chat (or pm).