Patch Notes: September 26, 2012 (locked)

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Weekly Sale

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  • PvP Power Bonus Added to certain equipment
    • PvP Power will add directly to your score in Duel and Beatdown (if worn by your profile character) and Galaxydome (when worn by you and your teammates in the GD team menu).
    • The following items have been updated:
      • Commemorative Pistol: Now gives +5 PvP Power
      • Voice Enhancer: Now gives +10 PvP Power
      • Bloodbath Turret: Now gives +20 PvP Power
      • Hellfire Gun: Now gives +50 PvP Power, and +50 to Player Defense.
      • Superstar’s Body Armor: Now gives +100 PvP Power
      • Superstar’s Leg Armor: Now gives +100 PvP Power
    • Please note that there will be a hotfix coming which will update the tooltip description for some of the aforementioned items (more specifically, Commemorative Pistol, Hellfire Gun, Superstar’s Body and Leg Armors). However, their PvP Power is currently active.
  • New Limited Offers
    • These are standalone items, each giving +200 PvP Power and +80 player defense bonus.
    • They have a chance to proc damage, with a minor chance to proc greater damage.
    • Next Limited Offer cycle will feature an all new Limited Offer set.
  • One Week PvP Event
    • Duel and Beatdown will drop Medals and occasionally Galaxydome passes for every win.
    • Galaxydome will give Fusion Crystals for every win. All crystal colors are available, including Red Fusion Crystals, with higher grades being rarer than the lower qualities.
    • Duel screen has been updated to show player’s power. Beatdown will get a similar update as well in a future build.
    • Please note if you win a Galaxydome Pass, you will need to refresh your game in order to load them in.

Fixes and Changes

  • Players who did 700M-800M damage on the Cerebral Destroyer WR and looted them, but received no items, will be able to reloot them to get their proper items.
  • Players who did 7B – 8B points of damage have been awarded the missing items for attaining the 2B loot treshold, and should appear in their inventory.
  • Due to the extended maintenance to resolve server database issues this past Monday, players will receive an additional Sian Loyalist’s Token as compensation for interrupted login bonuses.
  • The following was also given as compensation this past Monday: 8 Experimental Serums of each type, and 8 Crazy Pills. Please check your consumable inventory if you haven’t already in the past couple of days.
  • Gigante Acero has been fixed and will now create his items, but independently from his damage proc.
  • Increased the drop rate for the Letter of Merit from the Quiskan Psi-Hound alliance raid.
  • Increased the quantity of items given at end of loot for the following alliance raids: Lurking Horror, Ship of the Damned, Mecha-Wyrm, Genesis, Shadows of the Void, Celebration Enhancer J-54, Quiskan Psi-Hound.
  • Proc name for EMPunch during raids has been fixed.
  • Tool-tip box has been widened to make longer item descriptions readable.

Rev .3177