Patch Notes: October 3, 2012 (locked)

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Weekly Sale

  • Discount on Stamina Refills: Now 25% off the regular price!


  • Mission Overdrive!
    • 1 week long event.
    • Zones 1-8 on normal difficulty have their energy costs reduced.
    • Do note that to prevent autoleveling, the experience on normal missions for zones 1-8 have been adjusted as well.
    • Triple lab drops in zones 9-12 for all difficulties; in rare instances, you may receive 4.
    • However, crew and items remain at the same drop quantity for zones 9-12.
  • Twitter Promotion
    • A special, free promotional item will be offered in limited quantities via a link released on our twitter feed.
    • This item will be available sometime between October 8, 12:00 midnight PST (or October 8, 7:00 AM GMT) and October 9, 12:00 Midnight PST (or 7:00AM GMT)
    • Follow us @5PG_LOTS to ensure you’re one of the first to get the promo item!
  • Duel and Beatdown Update
    • While the PvP event from last week is over, Duel & Beatdown will still give out medals per win.
    • Galaxydome has been reverted back to its original rewards per win, which are medals with a chance at a Galaxydome pass.
    • Slightly improved the drop chance of Galaxydome passes in Galaxydome PvP mode.

Fixes and Changes

  • Increased the chance drop for all Novocastrian item pieces.
  • Vince Vortex has a chance to drop Galaxydome Passes on NM difficulty only; passes looted will appear when you reload the game.
  • We are working on a fix which will properly show the GD Pass image on the Vince Vortex loot table screen.
  • You will no longer disconnect when you deposit credits while somebody is hitting you in PvP; please note you will still lose those credits as you’re being attacked, so deposit often!
  • Cosplay contest winners have been given their winning helmets; lore for each piece will be posted shortly in the Cosplay contest thread for those interested.
  • Lore blurbs have been added to raid boss essences, hover your mouse over each one to read their lore.

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