Weekend Mystery Pack Sale! Oct 5th-7th

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(since devs updated patch notes on 5thplanet forums but forgot about us on kong, i’ve posted it here for others to read)
(edit: ok the splash screen is updated but the patch notes/event thing wasn’t so its still easy to miss)

Weekend Mystery Pack Sale!

Mystery Pack is 40% off the regular price for a limited time!
Premium Officer, Ocean Mistress Synactha, will be available in the Mystery Pack for this weekend only.
Her base proc rate has been improved and now has the highest proc rate in the game.
Synactha’s Attack and Defense now increase for every different crew owned, changed from every 2 different crew owned.
After the weekend sale is over, Mystery Pack price will revert back to normal and Ocean Mistress Synactha will be removed from the expedition table.

taken from : http://www.legacyofathousandsuns.com/forum/showthread.php?8337-Patch-Notes-October-3-2012