Patch Notes: October 10, 2012 (locked)

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  • New Grabbag – Electric Angel
    • The grabbag contains a 7 piece equipment set that includes the Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Main-hand and Off-hand items.
    • This armor set will do extra damage against Male, Female and Alien Beast raids; there is also a small chance to deal heavy damage against either of those same types only.
    • Proc damage increases for each Electric Angel item equipped; this does not affect the heavy damage proc part of the equipment set.
    • Please note that the Electric Angel grabbag does NOT contain a trinket or utility.
    • However, you have a chance to obtain either of these Premium items from this grabbag: Captain ‘Ace’ Flashheart or Quarg Ral Flek.
    • You can purchase this grabbag in the shop for 25 Golden Suns each.
  • New Limited Offer set – Zombie!!!
    • Have a hunger that can never be satisfied? Take a bite off our Zombie set, perfect for Halloween!
    • The set has a chance to do extra damage against Large, Epic and Colossal sized raids.
    • Damage increases for each Zombie item equipped.
    • Now available in the shop for 30 Golden Suns each.
  • Raid Rampage Event
    • For one week only, the following raids will have their loot drops increased: Besalaad Warmaster, Nemo, Dule’s Robot, Cybersmash, Agony and Ecstasy, Robotic Rautha 2.0, Terminus Deathsquad and Purple Lion.
    • These raids in particular were chosen to assist players’ progress through the later zones that have item requirements and therefor catch up before Zone 13’s scheduled release next week.
    • Please note that due to technical difficulties, we were unable to shorten the cooldown timers of those selected general raids for this event.

Fixes and Changes

  • Players who bought the 580 Golden Suns package on the Suns standalone site, but were given the incorrect amount, have been redeemed their missing Golden Suns, as well as additional compensation for the purchase error.
  • The 580 Suns package on the standalone site is now working correctly.
  • The mission exp/energy values and lab collection drop rates affected from last week’s Mission Overdrive event have been reverted back to normal.

Rev .3221