What does FS means and how much damage for drops

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how do i know what s the minimum damage to deal in a raid in order to get a decent drops with some stats raising epic items. Also what does FS means?

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That’s what FS means. FS = Fair Share. This amount of damage will guarantee one top tier loot item. For the raid achievements on the NM raids, you have to do at least 0.5 * FS.

FS is calculated as Starting HP of Raid / Maximum number of participants in the raid.

OS is Optimal Share, and it is the amount of damage that gets you the most loot. This is FS * a multiplier based on the size of the raid.

There are a couple of raids this doesn’t apply to – World Raids, Space Pox and Quiskarian Temples.

The best way to find out the FS/OS for each raid is to get one of the scripts from Doomcat or SReject (search the full forum, should be near the top)
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woots thanks for clarifying ~!