Journey in the Dark recruiting

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Hi All,

We just started a new alliance called “Journey in the Dark” for new/beginning players. If your looking for a place to spend your Honor points, send an aplication!

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49 members now, and a high-hitter joined us to help out with failing raids :)

Just started and looking for a Guild so you can use your Honor? Or just here for the badge?

We’ll accept anyone atm…

Apply to journey in the dark

( DotD veterans preferred )

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250 players max in an alliance….so I guess we have room for more…

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78 members now, WR going on so not much guildraids are open…but join us anyway :)

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95 members now….still growing daily :D

Room for another 155 brave players who would like to join our Journey into the Dark alliance.

No lvl requirements, No questions asked, No underaged teenagers, No Trolls.

( DotD veterans preferred, but if you’re a Mario-fan, you can applie as well…)

Regards, Goony

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Still a bit dizzy from hitting that freaky brain :P

Let’s see how well we do on alliance-raids now…

Join the Journey in the Dark alliance!

( still plenty of room for noobs and veterans alike..)

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Yay! 100 players joined our alliance!

150 more can join our Journey in the Dark…

Ehm…our journey in the dark alliance…:P

Our ultimate goal is to have all alliance raids open at NM difficulty, all the time… Might take some time, but we’ll get there…

Join and help..

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No underaged teenagers, No Trolls.

:( u forgot abut i :D
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sry about me :D

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Originally posted by snajper10:

sry about me :D

At least you are brave enough to post something ( nvm the spelling..)

Glad to have you on my side snajper :)

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We could use some more members….join asap please :)

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Day 1 of the rise of the Journey in the dark alliance:

Ahw no…not again!


Plenty of room for noobs and veterans alike, DotD players preferred but if you’re not…, aplie anyway :D

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Day 2 of the rise of the Journey in the dark alliance:

It took some effort, but we managed to kill a psy-hound during WR….( high 5 to all :D )

Let’s continue the fun…

Enough space for newbies in the Journey in the dark alliance.

Get in asap…


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Awesome work on the psy-hound guys :) High five to all who believed we could do it, even when WR was on..:D

Next time we summon one, i would like to hit it with a full alliance….so….

Anyone looking for an alliance to join?

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Well…Santa is kinda blackmailing parents to buy presents for their children, and let them pretend they didn’t ….

Time for payback…

Join the Journey in the Dark alliance and let’s show Santa we aint falling for his marketing-blackmail anymore!

Happy HoHo-Hunting guys :)


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It washs kinda hard to beat, but we managed to beat our first NM washs..Kinda wish the next washs won’t be up that long…

Anyone out there wants to join the fun?