Patch Notes: November 14, 2012 (locked)

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Weekly Sale

  • Golden Suns Super Bonus
    • Receive UP TO 75% bonus Golden Suns when you make a GS purchase using Kreds!
  • Discount on Mystery Packs: Now 40% off the regular price!


  • Anniversary World Raid #2: Cerebral Destroyer
    • Arms manufacturers are always keen to develop the latest innovative weaponry — products which might earn them a bigger chunk of the interstellar slaughter market and let them rake in the credits. But these days it takes a lot to make the galaxy sit up and take notice. If an up-and-coming company wants to grab headlines and play with the big boys like Terminus and Kill-Tech, they have to bring out something impressive. Something big. Something crazy… Like a giant, genetically engineered brain with psychic powers, mounted on a ship for use in space combat. At least that’s what one group of boffins came up with. However, the problem with crazy experiments is that they often have equally crazy consequences. In this case, the brain decided to assume control of the ship, blast the crew out of the airlocks, and take revenge on humanity for its creation. As usual, it’s up to you to fix this mess before things get any worse…
    • The Cerebral Destroyer will be available on Friday, November 16 – time range of his availability for that day will be sometime between 20:00-22:00 GMT.
    • To help alleviate the server stress and ultimately lag, we will be releasing the world raid sequentially between the three platforms instead of simultaneously.
    • The order of the release will be Facebook, Kongregate and Armor Games.
    • The release on each platform will be between 30-45 minutes apart, to ensure that our servers can handle all players across all the platforms.
      Stamina, Energy and Honor attacks are now available.
    • It is a 3 day long raid, categorized as type Normal, Colossal, Psychic, Mechanized and Ship.
    • The raid will drop Sian Tags on-hit, as well as a low chance to summon crew members different from the last Cerebral Destroyer.
    • Only 2 tactics will be available for this raid, please collaborate together and decide on the tactics for all platforms before its release date.
    • Loot table remains largely the same. However, due to Booma’s upgrade to current expedition levels, he has been removed from the Death-Match grabbag loot table.
  • Raid-ception Continues!
    • Collect the first essence from the Birthday Cake of Doom raid on Nightmare.
      There are three new raids this week from this event: medium, small and personal.
    • For those unfamiliar with personal raids — you must obtain a personal transfunctioner, and you cannot share this raid with others; personal raids must be defeated by your own power.
    • Besides Crush Colossa, you can obtain personal transfunctioners from this week’s new medium and small raids.

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed the proc rate of Felendis.
  • Booma’s regular proc damage is now working
  • The Hoverboard collection pieces have now been seeded in the following raids on Nightmare only: CC Commander, Kang, Ruomyes’ Death Flora, and Tourniquet 7.
  • CC Commander’s cooldown has been changed to 24 hours, down from 72.

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