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Well, of course we all do understand English in a general way, but it is disapointing if you start a game, that seems to be only for natural speakers… otherwise you are hardly not able to understand the story or the introduction.
After playing the game for a couple of days I still do not understand why pvp people do have much more power than me (wearing zombie stuff, they don`t), wtf shall I do with a ship? What does a crew do? I have already given up, so let’s hope for your next trial to make it more ‘international’ in a way…
I am playing backyard monsters for months now, e.g.

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PvP has many little tricks to it regardless of your ability with english. Last I checked, the game doesnt tell you at all how to pvp. Players experiment and see what has more of an effect. There are some guides in the official forums, theyre typed well so using a translator shouldnt be a problem.

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PVP isnt completely understood (as in how the formula works). There is a tutorial on the official forum about the composition of your GD team.

All in all 5PG never gives us straight numbers. They want it to be a community effort to find out about this stuff. Same with procs of officers, gear, tacs…

You can always ask in Kong chat if you have questions. Many veteran players will be happy to help you.