Patch Notes: December 5th, 2012

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Weekly Sale

  • Discount on Expedition Relic Packs: Now 33% off the regular price!


  • Raid Rampage Week 1
    • This week only, the following raids will have their loot drops increased: Besalaad Warmaster, Nemo, Dule’s Robot, Cybersmash, Agony and Ecstasy, Robotic Rautha 2.0, Terminus Deathsquad and Purple Lion.
    • Next week, a new set of raids will be affected by Raid Rampage, and have their loot drops increased for 1 week only.
      Raid Rampage is a month long event.
  • New Alliance Boss: Crazed Santa
    • Nicholas “Santa” Klaus loved Christmas. He loved decorating trees, wrapping presents, drinking eggnog, and eating mince pies. Above all else, he loved playing Santa at his local mall, bringing smiles of delight to thousands of young faces. But that was before Kill-Tech purchased ad time on children’s programming across human space, and announced that Father Christmas wasn’t real — because their marketing department had discovered a link between ruined childhoods and the buying of large amounts of devastating weaponry later in life. This dubious corporate strategy has made Nicholas lose his senses. ** Now he’s running around firing his blasters and generally acting like a maniac. You should stop him, before someone gets hurt…
    • This is a large, 100 person alliance raid.
    • There is no cooldown for this raid.
    • You can acquire the Santa’s List collection item, which is one of the ingredients needed to upgrade Greasemonkey, Wollo, Dacia Ulex and Lork Jral Bul.
    • It’s classified as organic humanoid, human, male and alliance.
    • More alliance raids next week! Have fun!
  • New Limited Offers
    • The Thunderstorm set is a mini-set, and will not continue on the next Limited Offer cycle
    • The Decrypter’s Trousers is a standalone item.
    • The Shield, Boots and Pants for this cycle are based off the winners who crafted the Red Thunderstorm legendary first from their respective servers, and have been given their appropriate LO reward.
  • Snowman’s Bag Now Available
    • This is a sale that will be ongoing for the entire month of December, for 5 Golden Suns each.
    • Each Snowman Bag has a chance to give you a colored Holostocking, and a Snowman sidekick.
    • The Dancing Snowman sidekick is unique, and won’t receive duplicates of it.
    • You can access the lab recipes under MISC → Special.
    • The Holiday recipe items will be updated next week with the exception of the Better to Receive tactic.
    • Snowman’s Bags are available every 3rd and 6th login; 1 bag on the 3rd, and 2 bags on the 6th.
    • You will need to refresh your game in order to see the 2nd bag in your inventory from your 6th login day.

Fixes and Changes

  • Background coding done on equipment items only (armor, weapons, trinkets) to help mitigate lag issues in world raids; please report any equipment that may be off on proc damage in the mean time.
  • Please note that the officer Snow Queen on the lab page list is actually a craftable tied to the upcoming Rare Spawn raid this month; she is also based off the Cosplay winner Strangemourning.
  • There are now invite alliance buttons on Kong and Armor Games alliance pages. It is located between the War Room and Public Terminal sections of the page.
  • The Legacy Forge legendary tactic now counts towards Atreyu’s proc damage.

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