Patch Notes: January 23, 2013 (locked)

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  • Death-Match II
    • Be the first to obtain Zunba the Red — a new, unique crew at the expedition level!
    • Unique, expedition level crew like Zunba the Red are much stronger in Attack Value (AV) than non-unique expedition crew, but 2nd to expedition officers in terms of AV and proc damage.
    • Each Death-Match II grabbag contains 1 crew, OR Gera Marl, OR Mr. Falyx OR Captain ‘Ace’ Flashheart as the Jackpot prize.
    • Each grabbag is priced at 20 GS each.
    • Zunba the Red (unique crew): 30 ATK / 30 DEF; Vlarg, Ranged, Agility; Deals 3000 per 1x and gains +50 proc damage for each Quattro Mano, Moxie Mash Maiden, Rylattu Philosopher, Piscarian Masseuse and Walrus Sharpshooter active in the ship.
    • Quattro Mano: 10 ATK / 36 DEF; Robot, Tank, Strength; Quattro Mano gains +4 DEF if Anita is in the ship, and additional +4 DEF if Zunba the Red is in the ship.
    • Moxie Mash Maiden: 17 ATK / 8 DEF; Human, Melee, Strength; Moxie Mash Maiden gains +1 ATK if Svana Spunbrancher is in the ship, and additional +1 ATK if Zunba the Red is in the ship.
    • Rylattu Philosopher: 16 ATK / 12 DEF; Rylattu, Special, Intellect; Rylattu Philosopher gains +4 DEF if Gera Marl is in the ship, and +1 ATK if Zunba the Red is in the ship.
    • Piscarian Masseuse: 15 ATK / 16 DEF; Piscarian, Heal, Special; Piscarian Masseuse gains +1 ATK if Mr. Falyx is in the ship, and +4 DEF if Zunba the Red is in the ship.
    • Walrus Sharpshooter: 18 ATK / 4 DEF; Robot, Ranged, Intellect; Walrus Sharpshooter gains +3 DEF for each of the following active in the ship: Anita, Gera Marl and Zunba the Red.
    • Please note that Quattro Mano, Moxie Mash Maiden, Rylattu Philosopher, Piscarian Masseuse and Walrus Sharpshooters are non-unique crew; only Zunba the Red is the unique crew in this grabbag.
    • As previously mentioned, Captain ‘Ace’ Flashheart is the jackpot prize in this grabbag.
  • Fight the flu — Space Pox is back!
    • This raid will appear on January 25, where summoning will begin between 10:00 PM – 11:59 PM GMT.
    • The order of summoning will be as follows: Facebook, Kongregate, Armor Games and Newgrounds.
    • Loot table is the same as before, which will be posted up later today on the official forums.
    • Uses stamina, honor and energy, and it is 3 days long.
    • Space Pox Samples have a chance to drop on hit.
    • There are no tactics available for this raid.
    • This raid is category Normal difficulty, Non-alliance, Epic size, Organic Humanoid, Male, and Female.
  • Valentine’s Day Card Contest is Live!
    • Filled with romance or cynicism? (Or possibly rainbow laser beams?) This contest is for you!
    • Create your very own Valentine’s Card as if it came from the Legacy of a Thousand Suns universe.
    • Deadline for submissions end on February 14 at 10PM GMT.
    • 10 winners will receive 300 Golden Suns each.
    • The top 5 from the 10 winners will also be awarded a new Valentine’s themed premium crew, which will go on sale for the build of February 13.
    • For more on contest rules and other information, please check out the Valentine’s Day contest thread at the Legacy of a Thousand Suns forums.

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • The comprehensive fix for Anita, Svana, Gera Marl and Mr. Falyx have been fully applied; those officers should now give the appropriate bonus based on their level (1/1 at level 1, 2/2 at level 2, etcetera).
  • The Red Thunderstorm and upgraded versions of Lork Jral Bul, Grease Monkey, and Dacia Ulex will now work for their appropriate treasure hunt items.
  • Fixed a bug issue for Facebook players creating a new alliance for the first time.
  • Fixed the health mismatch for Zone 16 bosses.
  • Disabled the notification pop-up on world chat when players shift-click to copy a raid onto their clipboard; raids in world chat will simply show as faded once the raid link has been copied via shift-click.
  • Significantly reduced the item requirements of zones 9-14 on normal difficulty ONLY; this is to help casual players who want to play the game and read the story without feeling gated at the huge variety of different items needed to progress further.
  • Item requirements for Hard, Legendary and Nightmare difficulties remain the same and unmodified for zones 9-14, for the hardcore Suns players.

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