Patch Notes: January 30, 2013 (locked)

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  • Mystery Pack Discount: Now 40% off the regular price!


  • New Alliance Boss: Kristy Love!
    • “Oi… One of you lot owes me a favor. Oh, don’t you all act so damn innocent. I kept some of the pictures! So either you help me out, or you’ll see your alliance star in ‘Sex Shocker!’ on the front of the holo-tabloids! I need muscle. Fast. Kristy’s gone crazy. She painted her last client all over the walls! That’s bad for business… Well, kind of… But I want the crazy metal cow stopped! Yeah, that’s right — she’s a robot. Now get here and smash her!” — Madam Rivoso, manager of The Clytemnestra on Cythera
    • A sexy but dangerous alliance boss has entered the fray!
    • Kristy Love is categorized as Large, Mechanized, Female and Alliance.
    • It is a large, 100-man raid with no summoning cooldown.
    • Kristy Love has a chance to drop different colored Hunk of Love collection pieces, when combined will turn into Hunks of Love.
    • Hunks of Love can be combined with the Anguish armor set to upgrade them into the Anguished Love armor set.
    • The Anguished Love Main-hand, Off-hand, Trinket and Utilities drop from the Kristy Love raid loot.
    • Do note that the Anguished Love set will only proc damage against Human and Mechanized raids; however, proc damage increases for each Anguished Love item worn.
  • New Limited Offers
    • Be amorous and deadly with an all new limited offer: The Love Set!
    • This is a full set that will appear for the next few cycles running through February, which does extra damage against Male and Female raids
    • Various items in this set will either grant +12 stamina, or +12 Energy and +12 Honor.
    • More specifically for this LO cycle, the MH and trinket provide +12 stamina, while the OH and gloves give +12 energy and +12 honor.
    • The bonus proc damage synergy only applies to this Love set, and not any other set with the word “Love” in it (for example, it will NOT proc extra damage for each Anguished Love item worn).
  • Last Chance for Death-Match II
    • One week left to buy the Death-Match II grabbag at 20 GS each.
    • Obtain Zunba the Red — a new, unique crew at the expedition level!
    • Each Death-Match II grabbag contains 1 crew, OR Gera Marl, OR Mr. Falyx OR Captain ‘Ace’ Flashheart as the Jackpot prize.
    • Zunba the Red (unique crew): 30 ATK / 30 DEF; Vlarg, Ranged, Agility; Deals 3000 per 1x and gains +50 proc damage for each Quattro Mano, Moxie Mash Maiden, Rylattu Philosopher, Piscarian Masseuse and Walrus Sharpshooter active in the ship.
    • Quattro Mano: 10 ATK / 36 DEF; Robot, Tank, Strength; Quattro Mano gains +4 DEF if Anita is in the ship, and additional +4 DEF if Zunba the Red is in the ship.
    • Moxie Mash Maiden: 17 ATK / 8 DEF; Human, Melee, Strength; Moxie Mash Maiden gains +1 ATK if Svana Spunbrancher is in the ship, and additional +1 ATK if Zunba the Red is in the ship.
    • Rylattu Philosopher: 16 ATK / 12 DEF; Rylattu, Special, Intellect; Rylattu Philosopher gains +4 DEF if Gera Marl is in the ship, and +1 ATK if Zunba the Red is in the ship.
    • Piscarian Masseuse: 15 ATK / 16 DEF; Piscarian, Heal, Special; Piscarian Masseuse gains +1 ATK if Mr. Falyx is in the ship, and +4 DEF if Zunba the Red is in the ship.
    • Walrus Sharpshooter: 18 ATK / 4 DEF; Robot, Ranged, Intellect; Walrus Sharpshooter gains +3 DEF for each of the following active in the ship: Anita, Gera Marl and Zunba the Red.
    • Please note that Quattro Mano, Moxie Mash Maiden, Rylattu Philosopher, Piscarian Masseuse and Walrus Sharpshooters are non-unique crew; only Zunba the Red is the unique crew in this grabbag.
    • As previously mentioned, Captain ‘Ace’ Flashheart is the jackpot prize in this grabbag.
  • Valentine’s Day Card Contest Continues!
    • The Valentine’s Day Card Contest is still ongoing! There’s plenty of time to submit your beloved entries at the official Suns forums.
    • Create your very own Valentine’s Card as if it came from the Legacy of a Thousand Suns universe.
    • Deadline for submissions end on February 14 at 10PM GMT.
    • 10 winners will receive 300 Golden Suns each.
    • The top 5 from the 10 winners will also be awarded a new Valentine’s themed premium crew, which will go on sale for the build of February 13.
    • For more on contest rules and other information, please see the contest thread on our Legacy of a Thousand Suns official forums.

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed the tactic button glitch which allowed players with really slow computers (or lightning quick reflexes) to post up multiple tactics in a single raid.

Rev .3924