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Still looking for an alliance? Feel free to join us!

We’re a small group of active and experienced players, who are concentrating on helping each other. Also We’re able to kill every big raid by now and are growing in strength rapidly. Everyone is welcome and will be supported as much as possible, both with information and requested raids.

If you’re interested in a small, warm but strong alliance just click this link or search for “Undead Corporation” !

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Still looking for active members! =)

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Undead Corporation wants you! YES, YOU!
Still looking for an alliance? The answer is here’th!

Joining us will also serve as repellent for the swarms of carnivorous butterflies that we are definitely not breeding to lure unsuspecting… :D

But, on a serious note. We’re a very helpful, warm, small but strong alliance. Especially helpful to new players, and thus a great place to start out; as well as a comfortable alliance for those of you who are experienced. We can handle the largest to smallest of raids; and requests will be summoned as soon as possible :)

We’ve been growing quite well lately :)

So, consider joining! You won’t regret it! :D
(hides butterfly container)

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Are you still looking for that special alliance tonight?
Got a bottle of wine with no alliance to share it with? Feeling lonely?

At Undead Corporation (UC), we match each your specific and various needs — and provide you with them — so that you can finally feel that you have found that special alliance. We understand what it is you yearn for, and we provide you with an alliance devoted to YOU; all of your desires and necessities, your whims and requests. With UC, there are no walls, borders or obstructions. Rather, with UC, you are wanted for who you are, be yourself. We provide you with the path to radiance; a radiant dawn. You deserve this. you deserve UC.

New to joining an alliance? We will provide you with all the information you need upon request, and will guide you through the experience so that you can feel at ease, comfortable and treasured. You are special. Feel special.

Feeling anxious? Unsure of whether or not UC is right for you?
Why not read through some feedback from REAL people — just like yourself — that will assure you that our alliance is a perfect match for ‘you’.

“All my friends used to tell me… you’ll know when it’s right, you will know when you meet that special alliance. You’ll just feel it. And.. it was getting to the point where I felt that special alliance didn’t exist for me. But then I met UC.”

“Personally, I was skeptical about using an alliance link; but, right away when I joined UC, I knew that it was the alliance I was meant to be with.”

“I tried alliances before, but none of them felt right to me. I was at a loss. I felt that maybe I wasn’t meant for an alliance.

About a week ago, a friend told me about UC, so I looked into it. I was overcome!
I finally found what I was looking for all this time, that special alliance."

Have doubts? Perhaps you have had experience with other alliances before, and simply don’t feel you’re suited for an alliance. Once you have come to realize and accept your mistakes, you can take a step forward and come to see that there is an alliance out there just for ‘you’.

There are no strings attached, and there are no prerequisites to joining. You are under no obligation to be shackled (unless desired).

Join today. Live, Laugh, Learn, Love.

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A Wild LoTS Player Appeared!
Undead Corporation uses Pokéball
All right! New member has been caught.
New Alliance data will be added for new member!

There’s still lots of room available for new members in UC!
We’re growing steadily, and we’re very helpful. We can take on all raids! Requests will be summoned ASAP!
Join us now. Dine with us forever.
F o r e v e r

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You wanna join – the very best,
Like no other alliance was.
To raid them is your real test,
To pwn them is your cause.

We will travel across the galaxy,
Searching far and wide,
These inferior stink-beasts to understand,
Our superior UC technology inside,

Gotta raid ‘em – It’s you and UC,
You know it’s your destiny,
Oh, you’re going to click here,
Or we’ll summon carnivorous butterflies to infest your ear-

A power so true,
Our tactics will pull us through,
You join us and we’ll join you,
Gotta raid ’em all!

Every challenge we shall belay,
Regardless of what we face,
We will raid every day,
To loot, and kittens to embrace.

Come join UC, the time is right,
There’s no better alliance that deems,
H8 Blaster in hand, we’ll win the fight,
Something about particle beaaaaams,

Undead Corporation, Undead Corporation,

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That… was epic..

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What’s the meaning of life?
Click here to find out!

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Undead Corporation
2 + 2 = 5 = S = Snake = Ekans = Poison Sting
You’ve been poisoned!
Use antidote?
You’re out of Antidotes.
We’ll give you one for free. Join us now :D

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You’re feeling sleepy. Very sleepy.
When you least expect it, you will trick yourself into looking up Undead Corporation in the alliance tab, and joining.
3…. 2…. 1….
Welcome To UC :D
Your room is just over here. May I interest you in hors d’oeuvres? Perhaps an entrée? A hot towel and a personal maidservant (with cat ears and a tail)?

Very well. Thank you for choosing UC and have an excellent voyage ;D

P.S. Don’t drop the soap.

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Three thugs walked into a bar. First one said to the others, “look what we got here!”
The second and third thug chuckled as they took each side of an unsuspecting fellow sitting at the bar. The fellow, wearing a leather jacket and shades, pulled the glass from his mouth and placed it down. The sound of the jangling ice against the glass echoed throughout the room. Without so much as turning his head, the fellow asked, “what can I do for you boys?”
“Why don’t you be a bud and buy us all a round, eh?”
The fellow smirked as he reached into his jacket pocket and tossed his sizable black wallet over his shoulder. The wallet flapped open as it hit the floor, exposing his UC ID.
“My, my. It would seem that I wasn’t the only one to accidentally drop my wallet!” the fellow informed as he lifted his glass and finished his whiskey.
The thugs, in a feverish hustle, found their way out the door, nearly wiping out, leaving behind a fair share of credits.

The fellow turned around to pick up his wallet, returned to his position and lifted his glass to signal the barkeep.
“Get that a lot?” the barkeep asked jokingly.
“You get used to it” he replied as he shifted his shades.

Be a boss. Join Undead Corporation.

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When the war of the alliances brings about the galaxy’s end
The Undead Corporation descends from the stars
Plasma cannons of light and dark spread afar
UC guides us to bliss, the gift everlasting

Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Undead Corporation
We seek it thus, and take it to the stars
Corrosion form on the metallic surface
The wandering ship knows no rest.

There is no hate, only honour
For you are beloved by the Undead Corporation
Legacy of the Suns, saviour of worlds

Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered ship
Pride is lost
Wings disintegrated, the torrent is nigh

Fellow ship, do you fly away now?
To an alliance that abhors you and UC?
All that awaits you is a lootless morrow
No matter where the stars may flow

Fellow ship, your desire
Is the bringer of brilliance, the gift of the Undead Corporation

Even if the galaxy is barren of dreams
Nothing shall forestall our pursuit

Dear alliances, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no ships remain
The psionic death rays have left the cannons of the Undead Corporation

Our aspiration, encompassed by glory
Hath endured turmoil, to find the goal of the journey
In our own ascendancy
And your eternal tempest

Legacy shall speak
Of sacrifice at galaxy’s end
The ship sails over the void’s surface
Unresponsively, but surely

Even if the galaxy is barren of dreams
Nothing shall forestall our pursuit
To become the pulse that guides the tossed
To unite the ships, the dreamers, the lost
We offer thee this silent sacrifice

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I am semi noob. May I join?

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Great Alliance! BUMP!

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Wanna talk about your feelings?or hang out with handsome people?Worry no more, we got just what you need.
Undead Corporation is the hottest, raddest and swagest…thingy you will ever find here, and all you have to in order to join our fabulous team is five easy payments of 19.99$ or you unconditional loyalty, whatever is easier for you.
Join us.