twilight miners is better then war dragon page 2

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Originally posted by Fart_Waffle:

“War Faggons” are a group of roleplayers. Chill out kid.

this isnt true because we are just doing our own thing and YOU HAVE THE BALLS to just assume shit about us THIS IS WHY BLACKOPS HATES YOU and you can go ahead and say what you want only a reall faggot would make forum threads just to insult have a nice day joker

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plus if were kids….why arent we making gay names like yours? someone who calls themselves fartwaffle is immature and childish who the kid now

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Originally posted by kboy101:
Originally posted by JaredShaw99:

it was one of you lying snakes

Woah hey no need to be mean here. Just because one of us hacked you does not mean we are all bad people.

stfu you filthy snake your probably the hacker go fuck yourself