Lv 1-40 Shadow Rogue Guide and some FAQ

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So you want to be a shadow rogue and destroy in pvp huh… well then :)

Pros: awesome at pvp…8 second stun…high single target damage…

Cons: Not the best at PvE still great but keep a steady potion supply around


all str…yup all str baby. agi you can get enough from gear especially later sets and with skills you get plenty crit chance hit and dodge and the more damage the better


Lv 1 Skills

Assassins Thrust. 1/5. not the best thing in the world and you get an upgraded version later and skill points are way too precious

Slayers Speed. 5/5 +15% attack speed…do i really have to tell ya why you want this :)

Lv 10 Skills.

Slayers Cloak 1/5-5/5 need to be in stealth to inflict stun CANNOT be in battle to use makes it so others cannot see you either. raising points reduces the speed reduction at 5/5 no speed reduction for pvp 5/5 is invaluable in battlegrounds for runners and catching people

Shadow Rush 5/5 Bread and Butter skill of any rogue. 4 second stun and good decent damage to boost. max this ASAP

lv 20 skills.

Choke Hold 1/5 another great skill for pvp but no need to raise above 1/5 slows targets that are in stun use this right after shadow rush

Slayers Call 5/5 +15% crit chance at max lv…a must for any rogue

lv 30 skills.

Shadow Strike 1/5-5/5 great skill does good damage and puts you back in stealth which you can follow up with a second stun…high cooldown though although at 5/5 the cooldown is almost cut in half. your call if you want to raise to 5/5 or not

Slayers Sprint. 1/5 alright for catching up to a runner but nothing to special not worth precious skill points

Lv 40 skills.

Improved Assassins Thrust. 1/5-5/5. Great damage skill best part being it ignores armor max lv i think it completly ignores enemies armor…Make any Knight call you a cheater :) up to you what you want

Brutality 1/5-5/5 increases crit chance for a couple seconds…1/5 is fine i mean with your natural crit rate 1/5 will probably get you really close to 100% crit rate as is its up to you and what gear you have if you think its worth it but i honestly thing points can be put elsewhere.

My skill point recommendation

lv 2. Assassins Thrust 1/5

lv 4-8 Slayers speed 3/5

lv 10 Slayers Cloak 1/5

lv 12-18 Shadow Rush 4/5

lv 20 Choke hold 1/5

lv 22 Slayers Call 1/5

lv 24 Shadow Rush 5/5

lv 26-28 Slayers Speed 5/5

lv 30 Shadow Strike 1/5

lv 32 Slayers Sprint 1/5

lv 34-38 Slayers Call 4/5

lv 40 Improved Assassins thrust

lv 42 Brutality

lv 44 Slayers Call 5/5

lv 46+ on your own on what skills you want higher or what…you can always do what you want of course this is just a guideline :)


i really dont see much point in a lvling guide… do all main quests and optional quests and it should carry ya for a long while if ya still need some exp to lv up to continue main quest fight mobs your lv or alittle higher look at the world map to see mob lv range of areas

Coupons…gained from daily wage if captain or higher and doing alot of other things… coupon tab in cash shop shows what ya buy…up to you

Dungeons…DO THESE WHEN POSSIBLE!!! always good drops

Indigo Dungeon lv 25+

get lv 30 for this and solo it…easy to solo with somewhat decent equipment especially as a rogue since u can stealth the whole way through and never fight a mob bring the lv 30 pots and you will be golden. Purified crystals and dreamwalker shards are the most importent thing here. Crystals are used to lv up mount but more importently to raise soul lv click soul tab in character menu and under item syntheses can craft dreamweaver set gear which is REALLY GOOD!!!

Vault… lv 30+ make friends with a tank and a healer and tackle this dungeon…drops many many many usefull things including mount upgrades wing upgrades and all that…never let dungeon attempts go to waste


There are 2 pets you want

Option 1. Vulture…a morphed vulture can be gotten 2 ways. 1. killing vultures in the island for hours depending on luck and taming one when it spawns…or getting a morph crystal and morphin a regular one. morph crystals have a chance of a reward for the 5th and 10th daily hunt you do so 2 chances a day but need to be in a guild.

Option 2. Teeka…amazing pet with a 4 second stun 12 SECONDS OF STUN TIME a 6% damage increase buff and a really good heal. costs 125 crystals for an egg or turn in 60 guild contribution points to get an egg…EGG HATCHING RATES ARE LOW…took me 15 eggs and will take 1-20 depending on luck I named mine Fuzzy…heehee

PVP….DO THE BATTLEGROUNDS… battleground rewards include mount upgrade tokens wing upgrade tokens eggs and many other fun things

PVP Tips. you want to get the jump on someone or else you are really screwed…1v1 against priests is a no go priests just suck…and without a higher lv improved assassins thrust a knight will most likely turn you to kibble…BUT if you can get 8 seconds of stun on someone they are all but dead

General PvP battle goes…Stealth before u get caught or else you are screwed

Shadow Rush
Choke Hold
wait a couple seconds for reload times on shadow rush
Shadow Strike
Shadow Rush
Choke Hold

Spam choke hold and assassins thrust till dead

beware of walking into mages AoE…it will take you out of stealth

hope this helps any rogues looking to destroy at pvp…i know i enjoy it

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Great guide. What’s your opinion on combat rogues? Better/worse than shadow rogues?

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Combat Rogue Guide?

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Combat rogues are slightly better pve wise but downright horrible pvp wise…just looking at the skills they seem so meh

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I disagree with your view on Slayer’s Sprint, you saying that we shouldn’t max it. There is a significant difference between +30% of 1/5 and +70% of 5/5, quite a few times that 5/5 saved me from death in PvP.

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The squares around the skills means you wanna max it. While my skill set is currently a little odd and different it’s just because it is for grinding purposes only. More speed = More kills = More XP.

Master Assasins Thrust and so on is pointless. Max Blade Twist to reduce opponents armor by 35% to do more damage from multiple attacks rather than 100% damage with one attack.

Shadow Rush isn’t a high priority since I managed to get to 100 Scion with lv 1 Shadow Rush and not have a problem PVP’ing or questing etc. It’s not essential.

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Or just be like elu and dodge everything .-.