[Patch Notes] 4/5/2012 Server Update

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[Patch Notes] 4/5/2012 Server Update

• Added “It Pays to Consume”
• Added “Breeding Package Deal”

Activities & Events

• Added activity “Lucky Guess”
• Added event “Everyone Loves Bunnies!”
• Added activity “New Pet Bunny”
• Added activity “Easter Egg Hunt”
• Ongoing activity “Insignia of Aries”

Bug Fixes

Feature related issues
• Fixed an issue with Rage Explosion skill disappearing when equipping high level wings.
• Fixed an issue with not being able to enter Guild Resource Battleground at Tree of Life.
• Fixed an issue with players being able to enter Dragonspine holding a Dragon Sword – now you can’t enter with a Dragon Sword.
• Fixed an issue with Frenzy Pet skill.

Text related issues
• Clarification – Wedding Rings will not be returned if you divorce.
• Fixed a bunch of typos.


• Added a Trade Chat.
• New Bunny costumes will be available in the item shop!

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Trade Chat. I love you!

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hehee time for spartans to “easter egg hunt”!