[Promotion] It Pays to Consume (locked)

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Duration: 4/5 (Post-Maintenance) – 4/11 11:59 PM

Servers: All Servers

Description: Use your Crystal to purchase items during this event and receive unique rewards! Rewards are based on total Crystal spent during this promotion – NOT total Crystal purchased. Once you reach the requirements below, visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to receive your items!

100 Crystals:
1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x 1

500 Crystals:
4x Offline EXP Token x 2

4,500 Crystals:
Heroic Wings x 12, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x 8

10,000 Crystal:
Heroic Wings x 16, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x 12, Sands of Time (Bound)

30,000 Crystals:
Heroic Wings x 24, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x 16, Moderate Enchantment Crystal x 8, Morph Crystal x 16, Gold Honor Badge x 2, Wheel of Fate (7 Days)

60,000 Crystals:
Ethereal Wings x 16, Soul Pack x 10, Bunny Egg x 50, Maturity Whip x 30, Red Dragon Coin x 12

150,000 Crystals:
Ethereal Wings x 30, Dragon Crystal x 18, Maturity Whip x 30, Therion x 2, Epic Phantom Shard x 3, Enchanted Skill Dust x 3, Superior Gems (Level 7) Coupon x 1

300,000 Crystals:
Great Phoenix (7 Days), Dragon Crystal x 24, Superior Gems (Level 7) Coupon x 3, Therion x 3, Epic Phantom Shard x 5, Enchanted Skill Dust x 5, Title: Eostre’s Advocate

Title: Eostre’s Advocate (Purple)
Max HP +4%
PATK +4%
MATK +4%
Cast Speed +1%
Attack Speed +1%
Movement Speed +1%
Crit +2%

Rewards may only be claimed once.
Only Crystals spent during this event may only be applied to this event.
Remember to redeem your prizes before the end of the event.