Guide: How to Properly file an R2 Ticket

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I have heard many people complain about going to the Reality Squared site and not be able to find the kongregate servers and/or be able to properly file a ticket about your kongregate character for Crystal Saga.

Today I am going to show you all how to properly file a support ticket with them.

First step is go to the game on kongregate:

Now what your looking for is:

Now I usually right click and open in new tab, just to be safe; but you can left click and it will auto-open a new tab.

This tab has 3 options.

Looks like this:

Once you click the option that best fits the type of problem you are having your going to come to a report ticket section.

Please fill this out to the best of your ability and with as much information as possible. Screenshots are great. If you are unsure of how to take a screen shot, please refer to many guides on R2 game’s forum, and or kongregates support ticket option. These will be needed ESPECIALLY for billing errors.

You will notice your Account Name is automatically filled out in this form.

Just select server(1-4)
and In Game Name(IGN)

You will also notice that you only have the options for the kongregate servers. This is to keep it simple.

Hope you all Enjoy, and made these easier for those having issues filing tickets!!

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I’m bumping my article to help more people file tickets. If you haven’t received your in game crystals, please use this guide to help you file a ticket with R2.

Again I can’t stress screenshots enough when filing this ticket nor can I stress their importance when talking with Kongregate support about your missing game crystals especially if Kongregate has already subtracted your Kredz

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Re-bumping this article, if you have posted in the *bold*Official Billing Support thread*/bold* please follow this guide to file a ticket as while as your post. Taking a screenshot of your post won’t hurt! Don’t forget to screenshot your kredz deduction as well as file a support ticket through kong via kongs Contact us or by email to