didnt receive my first payment pack and crystals

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i bought 500 crystals and havent receive them or my first payment pack could someone deal with this

and i havent been able to play sense the merge the lag is so bad i cant move it takes 10 seconds or move to move a little bit are they working on this or going to work on this lag?

also i had a few questions

whats the scions in front of your name mean?

what lvl do you got to be to rebirth and what do you get from doing this?

also it would be nice if you can solo dungeons

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Hi another:

First off please look for my guide in forum and post in billing issues.
Lots of people have had some issues but if you file ticket it gets resolved more than just a post.

L1 star is harsh and even with fiberoptic net i lag.

Best suggestion is to clear browser cache, use chrome or opera for less lag.

Scion is 2nd plane, you need to rebirth into. You can find lots of info about this by asking in game chat in world

Becoming reborn gives you extra skill points and attributes.

You can solo dungeons with high soul and wings. I solo all dungeons

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what lvl do you got to be to rebirth and whats the eldoin a second plane also

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lvl 80 mortal or beyoned, with 1 of each type of soul shard, ice bril ect. and 15g

Eidolon: known as 3rd plane

lvl 100 scion and parts from Nightmare exeleron dungeon I forget the gold requirement

All this info can be found on kong forum or Reality Squared game site. Google is your friend.

Here is link