sperion gem combo's

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Note not all of them are the same level

*PS demonic gift did not work with level 1 wit,pure and pivot although (s1)heff4222 has demonic gift level 7 gems and it gives + hp as the combo bonus stats like bloodbreaking kill

*PPS i forgot to mention earlier there is 2 different types of gem that you can make the combo’s with normally with the opposites so it it’s p att for example the opposite gem would be m att and the same rule goes for def

balance + p att + p def
wit + m att + m def

anger + p def
pivot + m def

force + p att
hero + m att

pure + hp

level 2 ^ level 1v

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Good Info Wok. Done any testing with Blood Breaking Kill on bosses?

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i tested liturgic elemental and the meteor does 1 damage and pushes back everything it didn’t work in pvp when i was hitting akuma

i haven’t noticed blood breaker even proc i always afk the bosses normally

damn wrong char anyway wok75 here controlling redfire’s char

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another piece of info is that all the gems have to be the same level to get a bonus out of them.

you need 5 sperion socketing rods for the first 20 for the 2nd and 40 for the last socket.

ask any questions ingame or here I will try answer them to the best that I can, (s1)wok75

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just found out that bound gems work with unbound for sperion just an FYI