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To have purchased a crystal, I will not be reflected in the game
Remains at 0 …

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Originally posted by godhand0216:

To have purchased a crystal, I will not be reflected in the game
Remains at 0 …

Refresh page, follow steps in the post of billing issues. File a ticket.

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E-mail came from the support

Sa and teach e2Games account
Teach and transaction number Sa

Since you are logged in kongregate, I’m not e2games account
I do not come out because they bought in the transaction number of kongregate kreds

What should I do?
There ’s the answer by e-mail …

Oh, how nice not charging

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Its R2 games, and you should be able to find a guide I posted on how to file a ticket correctly.

Although you are on kong you still have a registered R2games account.

Click the send help link prior to selecting server. And also post a thread up into the billing issues section of this forum.

I do not understand what you mean by Sa nor teach (what I think you mean as R2games) account.
Again if you look up my guide you should be able to find the proper procedure for filing a support ticket to R2games and this should help expedite and resolve your issue.
Also when doing so use screenshots of your email from what I also presume is kong support with your ticket to R2 games, as well as a screenshot of the deduction of Kredz from your kong account. This can further prove the amounts and date in which the transaction took place.

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Finally resolved ….

I’ll write a story that we follow for the future.

1.Buy at kongregate kreds
2.are not in charge I purchased Crystal kreds
3.Contact support to get a support ticket for e2games
4.Reply Yes. Is said to teach the transaction number.
is said to teach the account of e2games.
5.Since playing from kongregate, there is no account of e2games
Transaction number, so there is no reply I do not have to buy a Crystal with a credit card directly
6.Reply Yes. And instructions to give a receipt image upload site
a.my kreds accunt
b.private of my messages
c.email image it was in when you purchased came from kongregate kreds

Upload these three

Days after 1, Crystal is charged

I took 3 days so far
Although I do not know whether early or late, I solved for the time being