[Patch Notes] 11/8 Server Update

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The Crystal Ladder has been raised to level 75. Upon reaching level 75 of the Crystal Ladder, players will discover a new kind of monster mob which will not be defeated by ordinary means. Use your wits to defeat these monsters in the correct order… or suffer the consequences! This Crystal Ladder level consists of three rounds.


 Ladder Challenge – More Info
 Ladder Gem Exchange - More Info


 Remember, Remember These Days of November! (SALE) -More Info

Bug Fixes

 Fixed a description error with the Little Reaper Pet.
 Fixed an issue with the Rebirth Pack when a player’s inventory space is full.
 Fixed an issue with one of the Day in Vidalia quests, where an NPC was not collecting item as intended.
 Players now have an option to teleport when completing The Rebirth Expedition Quest: Kill Amarog.
 Clarified dialogue from the Sperion Master in Starglade.