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Hi all, after this last maintenance i was able to log just once in kong, after i DC´ed i can´t log anymore.
after choosing server 2 i only get a black screen, i already:

cleaned cache
reinstall flash/java
reinstall browers ( chome/opera/Frefox)
tried the direct link

the thing is, i can only manage to even open kongs page, after i changed my host files adding the cdn´s from kong.

Anything else i can do to fix that ?

best regards,

lvl100 eido rogue

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just adding more info:

at the top left of the black screen, theres a “Game data is loading…” but it only shows when i select all the page.

the cnd´s i added was

thanks again..

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Im having same problem…. =/

Lv.100 Eido Priest

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Shin, i solved.. call me \o/