[Patch Notes] 11/15 Server Update

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The Treasure Trove has received several major updates to enhance the system for players! Check out the forum post HERE to get the low down on all the fantastic new changes.


 Pet Extravaganza (Updated!) – More Info
 Point of Interest (Point System) – More Info
 Treasure Trove – Pirate Mode (Updated!) – More Info

Bug Fixes & Changes

 The Little Reaper pet and its morphed counterparts will now learn magic attack skills as intended.
 Changed a buff name and a description error in the Crystal Ladder.
 Fixed a minor issue with the Ranger skill: Improved Double Shot.
 Fixed an issue with the physical attack description for all pets affected.
 Fixed a scroll over issue when socketing Sperions.
 Fixed a system message error when upgrading both Superior Immortal Attack/Defense Sperion.

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