[Activity] The Turkey Roast

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Duration: 11/22 – 11/28 11:59 PM (Server Time)
Server: All Servers

Description: For the following week, monsters level 30 and above will randomly drop Thanksgiving Turkeys. Upon looting one of these ugly creatures, head over to the bonfire in Starglade’s square to roast them to succulent perfection. Be careful not to roast your pet turkey by mistake! Limit 10 per day.

Roast a Thanksgiving Turkey and receive ONE of the following:

Sperion Socketing Rod Shard (Bound)x 1
Soul Shard x 1
Soul Print x 1
Purified Crystal x 1
Ethereal Wings x 1
Bone Dragon Egg x 1
Earth Soul orb Pack x 1
Greater Mount Upgrade Token x 1

There is a chance you will overcook the Thanksgiving Turkey, in which case you will receive a Charcoal Turkey instead. Consume if you dare!