[Patch Notes] 11/29 Server Update

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Hopefully everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving and is ready to start hearing Christmas music 24/7! In this week’s update, the Enchantment System has received a raise! Players will be able to enchant their weapons to an even more devastating level… Muhahaha. Also, don’t forget to check out the activities this week, there may be some “hidden” treasure!

System Upgrades

Item Enchanting – More Enchanting then Ever – More Info


The Spirit of Thanksgiving Lives On… Literally! – More Info
Quest for the Buried Treasure – More Info
Starglade Goes Up in Flames – More Info

Bug Fixes & Changes

Changed Inventory tab names to be less confusing.
Fixed a bug with the Priest skill, Angel’s Blessing.
Fixed a buff name issue in the Treasure Trove.
Fixed description errors with Sperion Gem Combinations.
Fixed a map name issue in the Dragonspine Battleground.
Fixed a number of language issues.