[Patch Notes] 12/20 Server Update

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Ho, ho, ho, h... *cough*... *splutter*... excuse me I think I just choked on too much holiday spirit. Anyways, with this week's maintenance we are pleased to announce: Christmas is here! In Crystal Saga, at least. Throw yourself into some virtual snow and holiday cheer, and see what wonderful things are in store for you this year!

Christmas Story
• Christmas: Crystal Saga Style - More Info

• Frosty the Snowfiend - More Info
• All Spruced Up - More Info
• Sugary Weapons of Destruction - More Info
• Christmas Card Exchange - More Info
• Holiday Ready - More Info
• Warrior’s Call - More Info

• It Pays to Give (Consume) - More Info
• Santa’s Gift Pack - More Info
• Santa is Selling Reindeer! - More Info
• Snowbaby Adoption! - More Info
• A Gift unto Myself - More Info

Bug Fixes
• The Heart of Eden is now socketable.
• Changed several items' language to include proper levels.
• +15 Priest Weapons should now glow while character is moving.
• Previous quests which are now unavailable should not show up.
• Fire Opals and Garnets now show they are socketable in off-hands.
• Fixed various typographical errors.