[Activity] A New Year’s Feast

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Duration: 12/27 – 1/9 11:59 PM (Server Time)
Server: All Servers
evel Requirement: 30+

Description: Another year has passed us by, and a whole new one awaits us! So, why not celebrate with a glorious feast? Visit Starglade during this event to partake in a glorious feast! Players may gorge themselves at the Feast Tables up to three times a day (and receive a Feast Pack).

Indulgence Pack

Open this pack and randomly receive ONE of the following items:
• Health Orb(Bound) x1
• Mana Orb(Bound) x1
• Green Dragon Coin x1
• 1 Hour AFK Card(Bound) x1
• 2x EXP Token(Bound) x1
• Shining Gem Coupon x1