[Patch Notes] 12/27 Server Update

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Another year has come and gone, and we somehow managed to survive the end of the world... yet again. So, let's celebrate and get ready for another wonderful year ahead!

• A New Year’s Feast - More Info
• Light up the Night - More Info
• A Year to Remember - More Info
• Warm Wishes in Starglade - More Info
• Kick Start the New Year! - More Info
• Quest for the Holy Lance - More Info
• Warrior’s Call - More Info
• Frosty the Snowfiend - More Info
• All Spruced Up - More Info
• Sugary Weapons of Destruction - More Info
• Christmas Card Exchange - More Info

• It Pays to Give (Consume) - More Info
• Santa’s Gift Pack - More Info
• Santa is Selling Reindeer! - More Info
• Snowbaby Adoption! - More Info
• A Gift unto Myself - More Info

Updates/Random News
A new daily log in panel has been added! Check it out to see what awesome items you can snatch up just for logging in!
The Christmas Quest will be available for players to run through one extra time (starting January 1st-9th)!

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue with Not The Boss of Me locations.
+15 Priest Weapons really should be fixed this time.
Fixed the description errors for Angelic Blessing.
Fixed various typographical errors.